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because youth on hearing such fables, will not be able to distinguish what is allegorical from what is not.

because they prey upon large and noxious insects, are now confined.

because I think it may relieve you to speak.'

because circumstances are disagreeable to them; because the things around them do not satisfy their covetousness, their luxury, their ambition, their vanity.

because we had nothing else to do.

because of its intensely spiritual work; the other, because of her love for nursing, and the boundless possibilities for good there might be in training nurses.

because it illustrates his personal history and throws light on many of the sonnets.

because such trifling drawbacks irritated him, and spoilt his pleasure.

because they say they are good for a cold, and I thinke that kill'd her; for to try if she were alive or no I did but even now tye a Crust to a packe-threed on a pinne, but shee leapt not at it; so that I am sure shee's worms meate by this.

because children learn by imitation and the pleasure in imitation is universal.

because every lesson had to be studied by the teacher, and in a different way from what was thought good enough in the old days.

because he knows her, while others do not, an object of loathing?

because the theory of their government required a seeming agent in the imposing ceremonies that formed part of their specious system, and in their intercourse with other states.

because in it is a spirit of unity and harmony.

because the sun was shining, but because he felt good.

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