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because the simplest and meanest manifestation of a moral law, may be--probably is--the deepest, the highest, the most universal.

because you love me--I see it in your face, and thank God for it.

because it was introduced by Mr. Patterson of that State.

because he had but the one hand, slipped the ring upon the finger in question.

because already many Italians realised, as Americans also realised later, that the defeat of the Central Powers was a necessary first step towards the liberation of oppressed peoples everywhere and the building of a better world.

because I don't get a letter, kid," I said; "if it doesn't come to-morrow--" "Don't you worry," he said; "it'll come to-morrow.

because, unfortunately for all concerned, he had been enabled to get credit; but there is an end to that sort of thing, and now, with his credit gone after his money, he felt his particular world slipping from him.

because, however the claim may be considered as to the technical form of application, there is no doubt whatever of her fully meriting the award.

because of the burden that was on his back, began to sink in the mire.

because we have found each other; we did not know each other before.

because so many children are not normal with regard to speech, and only where this is the case should language training be forced upon them.

because he was not allowed light sufficient for that purpose, or was not admitted within the sphere of vision.

because he Has always been most fond of me.

because you said you shou'd die if you enjoy'd her not presently, and that she would not yield on any other Terms, but those of Marriage, I e'en brought the Parson that _Trusty_ had provided for you.

because an order had recently come from the Turkish authorities bidding them surrender whatever fire-arms or weapons they had in their possession.

because I know what you are that my heart responds.

because you are going away and he wants her to hear directly from him; I guess, too, it's because he's being exercised in his mind and thinks he ought to have written oftener before; she says her hand is out of practice and the Cap'n hates to write letters and only writes business letters when it's a force put.

because it promotes thinking, while the first only promotes pure imitation and the habit of reckoning on this easy solution of difficulties.

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