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because, after I decided to drop in at the bazaar, something happened which made it impossible for me to go.

because he had reminded him of old Prince--the same color--the same markings, and the same hard mouth and defiant red eye.

because of a revolt in Italy, raised by Antony's brother Lucius and Fulvia, wife of Antony; but it was prevented by a treaty of peace, sealed by the marriage of Antony to Octavia, sister of Octavius.

because you have so many adventures, but I'm the fellow you met on the house-boat.

because of the sweet serenity of her speech, because of the calm, unswerving directness of her gaze, my Beltane felt at sudden loss, his outstretched arms sank helplessly and he fell a-stammering.

because he was ignorant of the nature of the country, and because, the day being far spent, he wished to devote what remained of the daylight to the building of his camp.

because they were both orphans they had a common bond of friendship.

because they live a double life, and have consolations and resources of which their books tell you nothing.

because we are Kings, Life takes it leave With greater state?

because of an earlier and more vigorous invasion of the internal secretion system by the interstitial cell product), develop mental maturity more rapidly and possess more of it than those in whom growth continues.

because he pitied me, because he had found out how I loved him, and

because it gives better weapons of destruction and of defence, but because it helps you to become clear-headed, large-minded, able to take a just and accurate view of any subject which comes before you, and to cast away every old prejudice and every hasty judgment in the face of truth and of duty: and it will be better for you and for them.

because it not only omits but obviously excludes the Form of Presbyterial Church Government and the Directory for Public Worship, and seems to substitute for these the Testimony which is incompatible with that of 1761; although the two documents above named were received by our General Assembly of Scotland as "part of the uniformity" to which we are bound in the Solemn League.

because Temple Camp would be responsible for Skinny until he was sent away.

because I've sat down and waited for news to come.

because the Persons in it did not all talk like Heros) as too debas'd and vulgar as to entertain a Man of Quality; but I am secure from this Censure, when your Lordship shall be its Judge, whose refin'd Sence, and Delicacy of Judgment, will, thro' all the humble Actions and trivialness of Business, find Nature there, and that Diversion which was not meant for the Numbers, who comprehend nothing beyond the Show and Buffoonry.

because we were so ugly, and said if we had been good-looking, he might have sold some of us.

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