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because we might have more friends in the other world than in this.

because its electric character makes it especially capable of being rendered at will pervious or impervious to the apergic current, I resolved to make the outer and inner walls of an alloy of ..., while the space between should be filled up with a mass of concrete or cement, in its nature less penetrable to heat than any other substance which Nature has furnished or the wit of man constructed from her materials.

because they've got defects, yuh see.

because, "Cornwall is so plentifully stored with tin and copper lodes, that some accident every week discovers to us a fresh vein."

because it appeared he had no religious beliefs whatsoever, but his brother-in-law testified that on a certain night in September, shortly after the events narrated, he was staying at Giddins's house, which was twenty or thirty rods from the magazine of the old fort; that before going to the installation of the lodge at Lewiston he went with Giddins to the magazine.

because her flower garden was her greatest pride and joy.

because he seldom got drunk, and always drove cattle _slowly_.

because she knew there was another mouth to feed.

because they too often do not have what every mother ought to have: education, rest, change, a Sabbath-day, individual income, intellectual interests, society.

because of any hope that God in His mercy will see fit to restore your shape, but solely because I love you.

because his duties at Steynholme were light, and permitted of many free hours.

because you ran a risk I never did.

because she had never thought of love; because she had never dreamt that anyone would love her so much as to want to have her by his side for all his life?

because the Turks enjoyed complete observation over it, had hitherto been No Man's Land.

because the lungs are not sufficiently used in the open air.

because it was righteousness, and made him do righteous deeds.

because they wear American soldiers' uniforms.

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