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because she is five years older than I, and entirely forgets that she is a great deal more attractive than a feeble thing like me.

because he outlived them all, and his last word was that, great as were those who had taken their departure, the greatest of them all had fallen just short of appreciating him, the survivor.

because she was sure you would not want to leave school; and she wants to see Miss Prudence.

because, he feared to upset, by too many changes, the habits of the faithful, most of whom knew the psalms by heart.

because they have already entered upon it; but above all, we desire to be with Him in whom we shall be one, and all will be glory.

because he should do no harm to the people, and when the sheep failed there was taken a man and a sheep.

because experience has shown them to be ineffectual, because the people unanimously asserted the privilege of debauchery, opposed the execution of justice, and pursued those with the utmost malice that offered informations.

because this bowed position gave him a chance to look down to the ground and avoid their cruel eyes.

because no importance can be attributed to an admission extorted by force; or to the conquered, because he knows that there is no moral significance in being forced to state what one does not believe; or for third parties,

because it would be a novelty to him.

because they are essentially the same thing.

because you ain't got any confidence, Bull.

because the Spirit of the Lord bloweth upon it.

because no real estate boom has yet reached them but Bunker Hill, there is a feeling that apartments would rent better if the musty associations of the spot were obliterated by some such name as "Buckingham Heights," or "Commonwealth Crest;" "The Acropolis" has been prayerfully considered by the freemen of the modern Athens;-- whatever the decision may be, certain it is the name Bunker Hill is a heavy load for choice corners in the vicinity.

because she has probably no choice.

because it pretended to nothing more; and might be useful by supplying materials for some better historian.

because he dreaded his weakness and her power.

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