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because they were all excellent--far from it!

because she thought me some bold, intruding stranger.

because he did not realise how much she cared for him.

because it is his custom to recite completely whatever part he commences.

because he wanted to ride, and it is always interesting to draw out a child; his story of the town and its famous places was, of course, the one he had learned from the others, but his comments were his own, and the incongruity of going over the sacred ground in an automobile had its effect.

because they too were imitators of earlier literary models.

because the care of their patients is made simple and easy, so they wondered if I advised them to have the young girl sent there.

because Turkey wants to retain what is her own.

because--with mademoiselle's permission, I intended to ask for my _conge_.

because I'd never been no good to my folks at home or anybody else.

because the signal could have been given by Colonel Gansevoort at a reasonably early hour next morning, and thus our commander would have known that the message was delivered.

because anyway he was going up through Lake Champlain and Lake George and he was strong for the Boy Scouts.

because they contend as vehemently for what they imagine as for what they see; and perhaps more so, as their _perceptions_ are like those of other men, while their _reveries_ are more exclusively their own.

because the commander holds them back?

because she was poor, and in winter she wore thick wooden shoes, so that her little instep became quite red, altogether red.

because we must not be seen on the road; for we are well known in that section, and, if discovered, would be captured and killed.

because they could find nothing more intimate to say, some here and there those who, like J.W., could not quite trust themselves yet to talk of their deeper personal experiences.

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