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because I too lived, like some of them, in British Columbia.

because the affairs of the three great Atlantic democracies have been largely in the hands not of selected men but of delegated men, men of intrigue and the party machine, of dodges rather than initiatives, second-rate men.

because of his justness and mildness,--a love which had equaled that bestowed by them upon any previous sovereign.

because that St. Louis-Chicago baby is too young to be abandoned.

because he had given me a fresh start in life.

because he don'd obey de orderations.

because this stressed the predominance of her father's blood in her.

because he had defended the truth; only that what he called _virtue_, I called _the action of the spirit of God in the heart of man_.

because of their dreams; it is because thousands of them are lying at the bottom of the sea.'

because Jack hasn't written for weeks.

because his father told our troop that we could use it.

because they are the friends of Mussulmans.

because he lacked the courage to speak them.

because trouble easily hits them both together.

because that Burr girl has made me sick of curls, with that great black flop of hers stringing down her back.

because church people know they ought to do something, and it is easier to give money and have gymnasiums and moving pictures than to make real proof of partnership with Christ by personal service and sacrifice.

because by this means a protectorate relationship would be created.

because they knew it could be done and kept persevering until they were able to tune in themselves.

because she is so kind, you must feel the more bitterly for her.

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