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because it is bad for them to be proud.

because for every unfortunate they kill, they cure a thousand.

because he is so great, so majestic, so glorious; because his greatness, and majesty, and glory is a moral and spiritual greatness, which shows itself by stooping to the meanest, by listening to the most foolish, helping the weakest, pitying the worst, even while it is bound to punish.

because, unlike the others, it is not subject to the vicissitudes of appointed place and season, "but is at all times fresh and green, and this is the condition of the free."]

because they were the enemies of the cross of Christ that they were enemies even weeping.

because such would not willingly do anything that merited death.

because he had not shared the victory with them; yet they were destined ere long to turn their arms against each other.

because they were principally Cheyennes--a name derived from the French _chien_, a dog.

because he _is afraid_ to gratify it.

because they kept the snow from drifting in the winter time.

because at the moment we were looking at them, those very hearts which lent the eyes such meek and friendly softness, were wrung by a base, cruel, and most oppressive act of their _great father_.

because meantime a squall of rain with large quantities of spray had driven in the face of Antony's fleet alone and had created disturbance all through it.

because he presumed they would not consent to grant all our demands.

because long unoccupied hours have to be rescued from the weariness of inaction; the means, because this call upon the energies nourishes a greater ambition and furnishes a wider arena.

because they fear for their own virtue if it be put to the test, and cling to the power of saying, later on, "Well, I told you not to expect too much from me!"

because your highness has chosen and sent us for this work, while you have so many and such noble vassals to whom to commit it; for which we are already recompensed before rendering this service, and until we end our lives in performing it.

because he was sick and came out of the slums, but anyway, one trouble with him was, that Mr. Ellsworth couldn't make him study up scouting the way other fellows do.

because she did not need the money.

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