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because it is notoriously, and before men's eyes now, carrying great stones hundreds of miles, and scratching and rounding them also; carrying vast deposits of mud, too, and mixing up mud and stones just as we see them in the brick-pits,--Would not our common sense have a right to try that explanation?--to suspect that this force, which we do not see at work in Britain now, may have been at work here ages since?

because he is not the Sultan's merchant.

because an edition of a posthumous work appears imperfect and neglected, without some account of the author, it was thought necessary to attempt the gratification of that curiosity which naturally inquires by what peculiarities of nature or fortune eminent men have been distinguished, how uncommon attainments have been gained, and what influence learning had on its possessours, or virtue on its teachers.

because he had followed him to every other back door and alley.

because I dare not face you; I deserve never to see you again!

because it is not ossified, as it should be in the normal male.

because of his swiftness, keener scent, and fighting trickery.

because it had not worked northward till after the Channel was formed.

because she happened to hint it was the sun, when he affirmed the moon shone brightly at noonday.

because, with the disadvantages of her birth, her after settlement would be doubly difficult.

because I'm careless, but I've been taught, and I can do better.

because the trial will be heard by this house, by persons whose integrity sets them above corruption, and whose wisdom will not be deceived by false appearances.

because he needed the fumes of tobacco, quietly lighted his pipe, and, seeing this, our people cheered at the same time they shot down every feather-bedecked form that was exposed to view.

because it is, _par excellence_, the duty, function and office of persons consecrated to God.

because he had come with me to the front gate before.

because of the danger which threatened all the inhabitants of the Mohawk Valley, it was in the highest degree foolhardy to make any such effort toward saving the lives of three people as might jeopardize an hundred times that number.

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