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because the sheriff was a Jimville man and we had to stand by him.

because they had pleaded for deliberation before deciding on the secession ordinance.

because Bruno had always been very dear to him.

because she had once heard the Doctor say that red was the color for winter, and besides, the brown hat had a sharp rim that might give a person a nasty poke in the eye ... in case.... She made all her preparations on the day before, because, she told herself, a doctor's time was so uncertain that he might, remembering this, be afraid of being called away on The Day, and so come a day sooner.

because she was a helper of men," he assented swiftly, "a woman of large sympathies, appealing to me, I suppose, because in my solitude, thoughts of my own weakness taunted me, weakness

because it will be hindered from being detrimental; and as there is an absolute necessity of doing something, and no better method can at present be proposed, I think this ought not to be rejected.

because I said I should most likely be there: and I will go--" "But he won't.

because one man, who knows more of a certain kind of learning than we do, has said so.

because he well knew that here was no need for mere talk.

because a house happens to be old doesn't say it's haunted.

because it, and its radiant promise, could still be dangled in the bright vision of the future.

because the men had been made accustomed to deny themselves drink except when absolutely necessary.

because people will never respond in right earnest, and reaction that might afterwards set in will be worse than the state of hopefulness we are now in.

because they were better armed, better mounted, and better trained; they had two pair of pistols, a blunderbuss, a carbine, a helmet with a visor, and a coat of mail; they had several horses, and several attendants on foot.

because we believe you're concerned in the murder of John Marbury.

because they valued them as belonging to the Christians, whom they believed certainly to have come down from heaven, and they therefore earnestly desired to have something from them as a memorial.

because, if thou hadst served ten ages thou wouldst prove but a botcher, thou leapst from the shop-board to a blue coat, doth it become thee to use thy terms so?

because this 'ere company is fast becomin' a refuge for the aged and outcast.

because your measure to their faults was somewhat harder and your heart colder to them!

because you and Mitchell have known each other for eight years, and I've never met her yet.'

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