because of their anger over what was past and their suspicion of the future they cared nothing about the preservation of an associate in comparison with vengeance on an adversary, and so gave them up without much protest.

because really, sinning;... one instant of standing alone is certain fall.

because his heart muscle has lost its tone.

because thou lovedst chastity and knewest no man after the death of thy husband, and therefore the hand of God hath comforted thee.

because of your ever intenser racial self-respect, the Negro must educate the Negro, be physician for the Negro, preach to the Negro, nurse the Negro, lead the Negro in all his upward effort.

because I had not the skill wherewith to fight him.

because his mother had held up his own faults to him so that he knew them very well.

because there are so many side-issues.

because I've brought the fiddler.

because they considered that they had not been properly recognized in the line of march or had not been awarded a medal for throwing a stream of water farther than other competitors.

because it was so high up, and the balconies were quite far apart, after all.

because they had no homes, nor hospital, nor poorhouse, nor friends to offer them any.

because they are the nearest to its noxious power.

because my eldest born is _a disobedient son and an unkind brother;_ because he has an estate, and my poor Harry, bless him, but a _mess of pottage_.

because we abuse their militarism, they affirm and acclaim it; just because we attack their governing class, they rally round it.

because I was retained in the case.

because they would win it, and during the winning would learn and suffer and achieve much.

because he delivered a speech and that kind of speech naked in the Forum.'

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