because Master George, as usual, was preferred over Master Harry.

because she could throw it off from herself as a mere April joke, if her hand was found out in it.

because of her proved innocence, he was uplifted by a great and mighty joy, and therewith his step was light and swift; anon, because of his base doubt of her, he writhed 'neath the sharp-gnawing tooth of bitter remorse, and therewith his step grew heavy and slow.

because it is so excessively _odd_.

because they were tremendously interested in the house.

because he's an abject slave of Di's, and she refused to come and pay a visit in England without me: but I give him the shivers, I know very well: and I take an impish joy in making him jump.

because when he is at all he's very much so.

because the more sickly the more saintly, has gone out.

because I had always endeavoured to make myself agreeable--a faculty, if it be a faculty, most invaluable in all the relations and circumstances of life.

because he stutters) going past the window.

because they were nearer the desired haven than the place where at present he was; so he consented and stayed.

because of the scientific value of the autopsy.

because the 22nd Mounted Brigade, when commencing an attack on Akir, the old Philistine city of Ekron, were counter-attacked on their left.

because they think that not God, but they, govern the world, by those very politics and knavish tricks, which we pray God to confound, whenever we sing "God save the Queen."

because he was condescending and courteous to those who were good and quiet, and if his treacherous nobles had allowed it, he would have put an end to their rapacious enterprises, and been a generous protector and benevolent friend of the country.

because the guests believed that there were Russians in the band.

because he has given it; and he who resents it, pursues his resentment only because he will not acknowledge his mistake.

because no claim was ever made to them.

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