because you ran a risk I never did.

because she had never thought of love; because she had never dreamt that anyone would love her so much as to want to have her by his side for all his life?

because the Turks enjoyed complete observation over it, had hitherto been No Man's Land.

because the lungs are not sufficiently used in the open air.

because it was righteousness, and made him do righteous deeds.

because they wear American soldiers' uniforms.

because he has valuable pearl fisheries on its shores.

because his master had returned unexpectedly; Fanning had told them that the prisoner was in favour of postponing the crime, but that Hill had urged him to carry it out.

because it is not invaded by its neighbours; and retains its possessions, only because no other has leisure or inclination to take them away?

because--well, because I feel like it.

because the commander holds them back?

because of its dangers, than we may stop freedom because of the danger of its abuse.

because I was alone, and there was no female in the ship besides me.

because he was a believer in Savonarola, and because he positively refused to bind himself to any priestly dogma, or special form of worship whatever.

because as soon as you put your nose up from behind cover the bullets whistle.

because none ought to be raised, as our old troops are sufficiently numerous for foreign service.

because one of her feet had been caught in a trap.

because it is peculiarly symptomatic of a noticeably wider realization of the advantages which the telegraph offers as an effective medium for business and social correspondence than has heretofore been in evidence.

because they are more closely united to us, because they own the same monarch with ourselves.

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