because he possessed poor adrenals.

because, he said, they frightened the canaries.

because he was an imitator of William Langland, the author of the _Vision_.

because they had no other covering.

because only Leonore could have such a child, for there could not be two people like her in the whole world.

because she did not seem true in her ways with you; and I should have missed those signs but for a strange warning.

because her father, a rich and worldly-minded man, was not willing for her to marry an itinerant preacher.

because it is made to conform to the surface of the rock upon which and against which it is built, the little architect always taking advantage of slight crevices and protuberances that may chance to offer, to render his structure stable by means of a kind of gripping and dovetailing.

because it owes its enlargement to the famous Sultan of Fez, Almansor, who improved and beautified it about the year 1180, and designed this city as a magazine and rendezvous of troops for the great preparations he was making at the time for the conquest of Granada.

because of what we call patriotism and principle.

because events analogous to those of which it speaks have happened not once only, but many times, and will happen often again.

because she knew she must hide them within her bosom, that no word or look of hers must let him see that she knew of her rival.

because you are not on the list sent our Government by the British police, but we have power to examine foreigners about whom we are not satisfied.

because he is rich and spends his money freely, and because she--the Guinigi--lives in the same street and sees it.

because it pains the person punished, as because it pains the spectator.

because he was always drawing the long bow about his adventures.

because I doubt not but that hope will be improved into confidence, by the account which I can now give your lordships of the intention of another power, yet more formidable, to engage with us in the great design of repressing the insolence of France.

because you never happened to be present at the ceremony--but, this is Nick, sure enough; and by his trot I begin to think the fellow has some message, or news.

because the husbandman had taken mercenary arms.

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