because it has in it a touch of _panache_, of audacity!

because conscience tells me that too much weakness for thee is about to draw me astray from duty.

because his discourses, so elaborately worked out with polished diction, are more akin to poetry than to prose.

because it would mean all the difference to him between constant, gnawing anxiety, and the joy of deliverance.

because she knew--as who knew better?--something of that mischief's nature which was now afoot.

because there is, I am told, another sort of coral snake perfectly harmless, which is so exactly like the deadly one, that no child, and few grown people, can know them apart.

because it takes years to build a home, whereas a house can be builded in a few months.

because we always seem to quarrel when I haven't the slightest desire to.

because they may die if we do not get them away from that dreadful pest-house.

because they find in books such stuff as dreams are made of; and, in common with the children of all times, they must needs make dreams.

because they melted gradually from the foot of the range upward, the lower lakes were the first to see the light and the first to be obliterated.

because the ladies will take Leonore when it suits them best.

because he is, not merely as a man, but, by his special authority, in the likeness of God, who has power over life and death, therefore he also, as far as his authority goes, has power over life and death.

because thou hast not obeyed our Lord, and cast away his word, our Lord hath cast thee away that thou shalt not be king.

because he had, from the first pulse of his intelligence, simply and supremely known: so that, at this hour, face to face with him, it came over her that she had, in their old relation, dispensed with any such convenience of comprehension on his part even to a degree she had not measured at the time.

because the unemployed are more liberally relieved now than they were at first.

because she says the dear old lady looks so sad.

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