because my hand shakes when I begin this sweet and sacred privilege of writing to my promised wife.

because you are a laborious, ill-bred Tradesman, I must be bound to be a mean Citizen's Wife.

because while the rain came down so furiously there was little chance the enemy's sentinels could see what might be going on at the southerly end of the fortification, and it seemed as if my opinion was shared by Colonel Willett, for he and the lieutenant were ready to leave at about ten o'clock.

because he has been appointed adjutant-general of one of the districts, but somehow we rarely call him major, for he says he does not want the title until he has done something to deserve it.

because it had belonged to the Connétable de Bourbon, and had been confiscated, together with all property belonging to that prince, after his revolt against his sovereign.

because I don't get what I used to eat.... Then this last blow--Dorn!--that fine young wheat-man, the best--Aw!

because the expenditures proved far greater than had been allowed for in the time of the former Caesar.

because, although we're beginning to kill mosquitos and poison the drains, we can't keep English boys.

because he never kept those promises.

because I hear Mrs Mitchell has taken Wednesdays now.

because he was indifferent to the glory of serving his religion, still less to the advantage of extending his conquests, but because he had not then sufficiently consolidated his power.

because she was so beautiful, so kind, and so greatly beloved.

because a number of girls were emerging from the house and starting down the steps.

because in the Southern Colonies the Church of England forms a large body, and has a regular establishment.

because, in his own words, he had "long since examined and conceived a love for the Greek law."

because he can not see danger, difficulty, nor any of the obstacles that daunt the prudent and the temporizing.

because they preached the gospel, and the unbelieving inhabitants could not bear it.

because the inhabitants had cut the throat of a sleeping ambulance attendant.

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