because the child must learn to know the near-at-hand before he can appreciate the remote.

because she was his guest, and a chief must protect his guest.

because I didn't like to live where people were too thick, and where there was nothing but tame life around me.

because no one would listen to them that they had to linger and wait, and come and go.

because it was no longer one foreigner intriguing against another, as in 1775, but French against British and class against class.

because you cannot see the path at the bottom.

because neither of them had been near enough, after Dick dodged out of their room at the end of his early call, to hear Dabney Kinzer remark,-- "Ford, don't you think we can find our way across the green without any help from the ladies?"

because of my sleep down-stairs, or because the mercury was cold before me.

because of his work during the necktie rush Dick was chosen as the leader of the freshmen's class.

because he had no ring, needs must she give to him one of hers; so were they wed. As one that dreamed, Beltane knelt there murmuring the responses, and thus knelt he so long that he started to feel a soft touch upon his cheek, and looking up, behold!

because palaeontology is every day assuming a greater importance, and now requires to rest on a basis the firmness of which is thoroughly well assured.

because a captious critic might have called it trespassing.

because it is past conduct repeated, associated, and fixed, will be so statable.

because she sees how one or two cups of tea or coffee restore her patient, thinks that three or four cups will do twice as much.

because I could not have entirely my own way, to be pleased and encouraged when I could have the smallest part of it; and when even that could not be, to bear with complete equanimity the being overruled altogether.

because I have too many demerits against me.

because he was always in his wheelchair, and you would think people would want to chat and be cheerful around him so he would feel good, but few ever did.

because he is made in the likeness of God.

because it has been a common habit in other places or of other persons.

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