because it is the most fully and exactly known operation of cells, and represents, in the simplest fashion, the process which is repeated by every cell of the living body.

because to regard it as having any place in the Original Creative Motive involves a contradiction in terms.

because such a man can never be confuted in his own opinion: but when there is an audience round them, in danger of being misled by sophistry into error, then is the true philosopher to exert his utmost, and the vain sophist to be convicted and exposed.

because _she_ weighed only one hundred and eighty.

because the horse was failing under the weight of this ponderous burden; but instinct told him a moment later that it was fear, and a mixture of suspicious anger.

because I do not like to do very much, perhaps.

because he was in sympathy so catholic with all the varied life of his age and circle.

because there is no telling what it might lead to.

because the generality believe her to be a good spirit, her discourse was so heavenly.

because, these points having been attended to, their diet has been managed with judgment and care; whilst, on the other hand, others might be referred to, whose life has been hazarded, and all but lost, simply from injudicious dietetic management.

because he is the latest member of this glorified band--or, reckoning the lapse of ages as if they were but a day, its 'evening star.'

because he belonged to Dr. BELLOWS's church.

because they are utterly different.

because he was guiding his horses over the rickety bridge.

because, of course, only one who is posted in that direction could ever hope to make a success of a fur farm.

because _neither_ of us knows when he came out of Maxine de Renzie's house.

because a minister may possibly mean well, and yet be, in some particular circumstances, unqualified for his station.

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