because you teach them that it will not please God, and will leave all religion to a few who have these peculiar fancies and feelings.

because he sent to the States once for a washing-machine for his wife, and smuggled it through from St. Vincent, and when he got it here his wife wouldn't use it!

because when he did he was always tempted too strongly to use it.

because your cable was never received by the Armands, but by a confederate in this fellow's employ; and it was that confederate who answered it.

because that would indirectly be a recognition of Russia as an interested Power in the Austro-Serbian conflict.

because he goes likewise by these ways, and there is not a corner in all this land but he is to be seen passing by; and he will come and speak to you, and lay his hand upon you; and afterwards everything will be clear, and you will know what you are to do.

because of their gracious courtesy, though, perhaps, they were rather the guerdon of my noble birth, being due to me therefor, thinking that if I appeared so magnificent to my beloved's eyes, he would take the more delight in beholding me.

because of this it includes human personality with all its powers over the Soul of Nature.

because there were many who sought that place that they might be the first to see if one beloved was among the travellers by that terrible way, and to welcome the brother or sister who was the most dear to them of all the children of the Father.

because he had killed a man, but also because he had poached upon the King's deer, and two hundred pounds were set upon his head, as a reward for whoever would bring him to the court of the King.

because it was fiercely repudiated and scorned, that would give her no rest until it was proven false.

because the position of her husband gave her much power.

because we liked th' place; but we thought nobody would know; an, we didn't care, so as we could put on till times mended, an' keep aat o' debt.

because at times he understood neither the words nor the things the words represented, yet there was much that he did understand and make a good use of.

because their number was small and because they wanted food, for they were fasting.

because of the frown of the authorities.

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