because the theory of their government required a seeming agent in the imposing ceremonies that formed part of their specious system, and in their intercourse with other states.

because in it is a spirit of unity and harmony.

because the sun was shining, but because he felt good.

because if I did fancy it, that would be a certain sign I didn't know it.

because of the bugbear of professional courtesy, voiced his opinion that Patricia had not received the most adroit medical treatment at the time of little Roger's birth.

because my mother had given it me--Aileen Mavourneen.

because she was accustomed to pick them up country where she came from.

because I was too indolent to stand against it.

because of his wonderfully quick trips, was persuaded to make the dash for freedom.

because he could not but acknowledge the majesty of Nature, fell into childish exultation at his acquired and still-increasing dominion over her elements.

because the writings by which one can live are not the writings which themselves live, and are never those in which the writer does his best.

because, as you know, for years I have considered it a misfortune to the world that our two countries are not really in harmony.

because he had been instructed to remain at that particular spot.

because otherwise Rudolph would not have done it?

because he's dead don't mean he was any better while he lived.

because, as you will see by the map, their navigation was continually within sight of land, and they sailed round the whole southern part of Africa, which is proceeding by a way spoken of by all cosmographical authors.

because, as they say, they favour the powerful and oppress the weak.

because there's nothing else for them to do.

because it may have your sweetart's letters in.

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