because and just as long as he set up himself, apart from that God from whom alone comes every good and perfect gift.

because a tax implies a license granted for the use of that which is taxed, to all who shall be willing to pay it.

because the members of the League trust it themselves and because there are no rivalries and jealousies in the matter of armaments between them.

because their maize-crops failed, they roasted alive a captive girl, cut her to pieces, and sowed her with their corn.

because I am afraid, and because I don't see how I could gain by it.

because of my rather careless and casual ways and the laid-back lifestyle I had acquired and was thoroughly enjoying.

because he is made in the likeness of God, and has the sense of right and wrong.

because he made a bad use of his tongue.

because the former determinations of the senate enabled the crown to garrison the frontier towns without any new deliberations, but which may be, perhaps, more satisfactorily confuted by showing, that it is an accusation of neglecting that which was in reality not possible to be performed, or which at least could not be performed without subjecting the government to imputations yet more dangerous than those which it now suffers.

because the plea of necessity may, perhaps, be evaded; and because it is, at least, pleasing to discover, that what was necessary was likewise convenient, I shall endeavour to show, that our measures have produced already such effects as have sufficiently rewarded our expenses; and that we may yet reasonably hope, that greater advantages will arise from them.

because of the annoyance of having so many children trotting around, and bothering them.

because the second coming of Christ is watched for, by His faithful (Honorius d'Autun).

because he had been absent two years.

because it was well in view of the Demon Hill.

because they had just saved themselves from a like ruin, they thought.

because he does see where the man's true greatness lay, and you don't.

because of the people and Sextus because of his adherents.

because he belonged to Dr. BELLOWS's church.

because poetry is more beautiful than prose, as being in this sense more rhetorical, it is better able to persuade.

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