because the man had a wife and family.

because of sin, so must I die, and all I love.

because I had followed the mutineers when I knew full well to what they were hastening.

because Mr. Barrows (he's a trustee) knows shorthand, and afterwards he gave it to me all written out to copy in our troop book.

because of his huge bulk and great strength, was, of course, harder to beat in a hand-to-hand struggle than was Frank; but what the latter lacked in this kind of fighting, he more than made up in the use of revolver, rifle or sword.

because the simulation of truth or the blindness of the public conceals the insincerity.

because of this fear that you made out for him a plan of Riversbrook to assist him in the burglary?

because thou art the man thou art, thou must needs yield thyself to Ivo's cruel hands, and Belsaye to flame and ravishment.

because of her usage of him, was miles and miles away, so far that her despairing shrieks died without penetrating one-millionth part of the empty wastes across which he had trudged.

because they cannot be quiet themselves, though nobody hurts them.

because they would not associate on an equality with white trash.

because he was more apparently criminal than others, but because he was more easily reached by vindictive justice.

because of the small saurian reptiles that abound in such places.

because of his tender years, he opened secret negotiations with the latter, who at once, for a bribe, agreed to withdraw the Peloponnesians from Attica.

because it was beginning to blow from the east and the awnings and thatch roofs over the mess boards didn't keep the rain off, because it blew sideways.

because it was in a little glass instead of a big bowl?

because we were in duty bound to carry the general's message.

because she was so young; and she never suffered me to oppose Mary, or Elizabeth, because they were older than me.

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