because it is useless; but surely some other ought to supply its place, which may be more easily enforced, and less violently opposed.

because he is not the Sultan's merchant.

because of the frown of the authorities.

because he'd discovered she was playing him false with Birchill, is made the ostensible reason for Birchill's wishing to commit a burglary at Riversbrook, because Birchill wants, as he says, to get even with Sir Horace Fewbanks.

because in time you would lose it; you had to be well born or distinguished in some other way.

because of the attractiveness of the pastime.

because the longer you take to make up your mind, the farther you will have to walk back.

because the lady Olivia would admit no person into her house since her brother's death, not even the duke himself.

because that looks so convincingly like dialect--'ter de gret hous.'

because there is an infinite in him, which with all his cunning he cannot quite bury under the finite.

because of all this we make a sure covenant and write it.

because she loves Will, and she doesn't care for books and people, as we do; but we haven't any Will, poor Miss Prudence and poor Marjorie, we have to substitute people and books.

because of deafness, methinks I would nevertheless have blessings bestowed upon me, for that man yonder would make the great stone image of Saint Peter rub its ears and hearken unto him.

because men affect to talk in strong terms of the business in which they are engaged, for the sake of aggrandizing themselves in their own opinion and that of the world, or because the present object appears greatest to their sight by intercepting others, and that is imagined by them to be really most important in itself, by which their own pleasure is most affected.

because he lives without God in the world.

because if she had been meek and mild she would have existed in futility, but because of the high percentage of the masculine endocrines in her composition.

because the Indian was a Christian.

because at this time of the day, the third Hour, the Holy Ghost, who is typified by gold, descended on the apostles.

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