because she told the girls they would have to send all the trunks home except one apiece.

because in action we are directed by reason.

because it would make any difference with my desire to go or stay, if you have a good show of holdin' the fort against so strong a force as is under St. Leger's command?

because her ma can't find her thimble.

because he happened to be the senior officer present at the time.

because by _mere accident_, and by _no fault_ or _will of his own_, he was born of a person, who had been previously in the condition of a slave?

because the Father sent for her, that she should come to the house by the river.

because no still small voice prompted her to stay.

because he was ignorant of his own, but who had no cause to be ashamed of his manhood.

because they carried away captive the whole captivity, to deliver them up to Edom.

because he cannot help men by his death, and because his belief in the permanency of sense and thought makes him fear lest he should carry his sufferings into another life.

because you think it right, is surely wrong for me because I think it wrong.'

because he wanted to leave me in the lurch.

because, considered as possessing an eternal form which holds all its parts together, and gives to the whole perpetuity of subsistence, it is not indigent of such parts to the perfection of its being.

because my dear father was a Pole, and you know how Poles feel towards Russia.

because he fancied it a fault in his son's character, sometimes to confound the end with the means, in appreciating the ethics of his profession.

because it flowered on the festival of that saint.

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