because its bony box is completely or partially closed, presents typical hall-marks.

because of the earth's proneness to tip if overbalanced.

because of his general harshness and oppression, perhaps especially exemplified in his Forest Law.

because Napoleon had in Bernadotte his steward, who, being within five days' march of our capital, would have been inevitably compelled to join his forces with those of Napoleon.

because it is most probable that in nature we should find things done by the method which costs least force, just as you do them.

because she considers your tongue part of herself now.

because, believe me, we were going to have _some_ adventure.

because some of the pleasures of poetry are pernicious, young men should not be allowed to read.

because of what we were about to attempt, that bodily discomforts seemed as nothing.

because Newton laid his daring finger on its pulse?

because I said, I go into darkness, and where I am there shall ye be also.'

because the windows are nearer the ceiling.

because anyway, I wasn't going to lie, that's one sure thing.

because it is not aware of anything.

because the main British fleet is out there waiting for you fellows.

because in his fury he forgot Glidden's comrades.

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