because he had persuaded himself it did not matter whether he got the post or not.

because they did not proceed to the constitution of a State of Armenia.

because I know you to be _tenax propositi_.

because it is implied in the nature of subordinate government.

because the tax-collector had them all under his thumb and would exact the last kopeck.

because "a narrow frith" divides two people, or because one lives in the mountains and the other in the plains, that therefore they should be enemies for ever!

because they disapproved the plan, and were hostile to the ends of the Convention.

because an astronomical almanac would give the hour at which that brilliant star became visible.

because I wanted to enjoy Mr. Lister's society.

because the stream of conditioned life flows out from the Center of Unconditioned Life, and therefore this intrinsic principle of Worship has in it the promise both of the life that now is and of that which is to come.

because the moon was in the wrong quarter, or the mare was not sufficiently piebald, or the nail was not stolen with sufficient dishonesty, or some mistake of that sort.

because allies are most easily to be procured by acting, and because it is reasonable and necessary for us to perform our part, however other powers may neglect theirs.

because I know you are a brave man.

because he was stronger in point of heavy-armed infantry, but if he should go forward in any direction one of two things would happen,--either they would be attacked by the enemy and come off victorious, or, if their adversaries were unwilling to do this, they would retire to a place of safety, get a supply of provisions, and obtain some help from Caesar or from Agrippa.

because of his money, of which he had vast stores.

because the scarcity here has raised all provisions to a high price, and because merchants do not immediately come to a new market.

because they had forgotten their true friend and helper, the living God.

because they forbore to express their feelings to any other than to God, and to their revered friend and minister, Brewster.

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