because the harvest-beer was to be of a lower specific gravity.

because of the defeat of Quicksilver by the black racer from the Vermejo.

because he was a short, stout person, whereas the apparition was a tree-high figure.

because I was rich enough to be able to buy pleasure for them.

because they have a dislike to human beings being hanged.

because I know not any law that can be proposed for the same end, without equally deserving the same appellation.

because they alone, each in his own sphere, have learnt to obey.

because they are the friends of Mussulmans.

because all is open and above-board.

because she did not need the money.

because you are His chosen people, He will let you commit every sin you choose, as long as you keep His name on your lips, and keep up an empty worship of Him in the temple.

because he ascertained that the consuls had forwarded some private despatch to his rival about harmony, that when some letters sent by the latter to certain senators had been captured these officials had handed them to the persons addressed, concealing the transaction from him, and that they were not carrying on the war zealously or promptly, making the winter their excuse.

because of our own exhaustion and the great suffering of the general.

because people will never respond in right earnest, and reaction that might afterwards set in will be worse than the state of hopefulness we are now in.

because their wealth is taken from them, think long and deeply on these things.

because a gland has begun to undersecrete or to oversecrete.

because he chooses to bivouack apart from his mate; but he read a copy of the Ravenna diary without altering his view that his lordship was his own worst maligner.

because I happened to be born in England.

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