because it was necessary, after passing the encampment, to make considerable of a détour in order to avoid, first, a battery of three guns, then one of four mortars, and, lastly, a battery of three more guns, all of which extended northwesterly from St. Leger's headquarters.

because it was Miss Morgan's favorite.

because at any time we may repent), for that day we may not live to see; and so like the fool in the parable, our lamps be untrimmed when we are called upon.

because of the so painful throbbing of his heart.

because if the bad weather came again he had determined to put back, but, to disculpate himself with the King, it was incumbent upon him to draw up a document of the reasons for putting back, with their signatures.

because they were not laid down on the firm ground of scientific facts.

because in his fury he forgot Glidden's comrades.

because of Mr. Hexter and his position.

because no man can hope to escape punishment.

because I shall attack you in any event.

because of this speech, which her cousin Patsy promptly denounced as "snippy."

because she is good, and the greatest of all powers is to be loved.

because we could be always climbing back and forth, and believe me, most of us were on the tug all the time.

because they hoped for secrecy, and have vindicated their conduct no longer than while they had hopes that their apologies might deceive.

because an arbitrary timetable hurried them to something else, and they would have been right.

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