because Temple Camp would be responsible for Skinny until he was sent away.

because I've sat down and waited for news to come.

because the Persons in it did not all talk like Heros) as too debas'd and vulgar as to entertain a Man of Quality; but I am secure from this Censure, when your Lordship shall be its Judge, whose refin'd Sence, and Delicacy of Judgment, will, thro' all the humble Actions and trivialness of Business, find Nature there, and that Diversion which was not meant for the Numbers, who comprehend nothing beyond the Show and Buffoonry.

because we were so ugly, and said if we had been good-looking, he might have sold some of us.

because they really wished to be free from it, for most of them were in their prime, but because they had an inkling of the coming conflict between Caesar and Antony and for that reason set a high value upon themselves.

because it was so high up, and the balconies were quite far apart, after all.

because I wanted to see you before doing a thing which would mean certain ruin for du Laurier.

because I have too many demerits against me.

because they rose with a gentle slope, and had no bold elevations or grand-shaped peaks.

because I knew I was going to tell you about all these things.

because he will know that they cannot succeed; but, surely, the examination of arithmetical deductions, or the consideration of treaties and conferences, cannot be admitted into the number of impossible designs; unless, as it may sometimes happen, the treaties and calculations are unintelligible.

because I'm most thirty-four and new things ain't so easy any more--but what have I got or what'll I ever have?

because most of the wounds on which it is found have been made by fire, the exuding sap is stained on the charred surface, and the hardened sugar becomes brown.

because the study of any branch of science, if properly conducted, appears to me to fill up a void left by all other means of education.

because of their exterior, which is as simple as possible, and contains nothing new; but their worth is to be found exclusively in their application.

because she knows I am not fond of blues.

because of knowing that the lad was prompted only by love, and yet my heart grew heavy within me, until I had become convinced that something of evil would follow.

because they stumbled sometimes upon the tombs, and because they could not get out from among them.

because her flower garden was her greatest pride and joy.

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