because the marriage with Count Marescotti has failed, you are a fool, Trenta!

because, to my certain knowledge, they come out of their convents innocent, even to ignorance of moral evil; but to the state of society into which they are directly plunged on coming out of it.

because the writer is degraded in his own eyes, by standing in comparison with his subject, to which he can hope to add nothing from his imagination: but it is a perpetual triumph of fancy to expand a scanty theme, to raise glittering ideas from obscure properties, and to produce to the world an object of wonder, to which nature had contributed little.

because truth and justice required it, and not from any base motives either of fear or advantage.

because they awaken tender and elevating remembrances of life.

because sight itself is neither body nor that which is colored.

because he thought so he consented to see him.

because of the Methodist students who are here.

because he don'd obey de orderations.

because we did not know, but because we had not been officially notified, and there were those present who knew how it was themselves.

because Kitty had already taken her stand on the other side.

because God is so perfectly and gloriously good in Himself, and not merely because He has done US kindnesses, yea, heaped us with undeserved benefits, that we are to worship Him.

because he knew you to be a man of few scruples, who would be willing to do things that a more upright honest man would have objected to?

because they would assume he "would get in in any case"--God knows why.

because she would never see them again.

because he spoke to him, though he could not go after him, saying, You will never mend till more of you be burned.

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