because of the annoyance of having so many children trotting around, and bothering them.

because the second coming of Christ is watched for, by His faithful (Honorius d'Autun).

because he had been absent two years.

because it was well in view of the Demon Hill.

because they had just saved themselves from a like ruin, they thought.

because he does see where the man's true greatness lay, and you don't.

because of the people and Sextus because of his adherents.

because he belonged to Dr. BELLOWS's church.

because poetry is more beautiful than prose, as being in this sense more rhetorical, it is better able to persuade.

because it was a 'song in dialogue'.

because she is female; she is pleased with herself and with the high excuse that every one else is pleased with her.

because they make their point more interestingly than other arguments and more clearly.

because a thunderbolt descended upon it.

because of its broad fame, to the page on Shakespeare and Ben Jonson and their wet-combats at the Mermaid.

because of several bundles of papers they contained.

because old Fossberry's house has been broken into, and they think the thieves must have come through our garden; there were some footmarks in the shrubbery just on the other side of the wall.

because You sent Jesus to become a man and die for us; but we can't understand it all.

because the speed of the convoy must necessarily be fixed by the speed of the slowest ship, and (b) the fact that the arrival of a large number of ships at one time may cause congestion and consequent delay at the port of unloading.

because Arthur had denied using his cutter that night.

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