because he was a butcher's son did not coincide with the wishes of a generous democracy, who lingered round the Sheffield court, where the fate of their sitting member was to be tried.

because no place could be left without defenders.

because we have never had the chance.

because to keep him would be to degrade him.

because the French would assist the Americans, he rebuked a friend with some asperity for supposing it, saying, "No, Sir, national faith is not yet sunk so low."'

because soon after news arrived that our people were at the city of Calicut, which is twelve leagues from Cananor, the King sent men to Calicut who always came to tell him of what happened there to our men.

because he bought his cap at Fiskie's; he must eventually have gone South-West, because he turned up at Westminster.

because it was beginning to blow from the east and the awnings and thatch roofs over the mess boards didn't keep the rain off, because it blew sideways.

because knowing the real bearing of what had happened, and what was happening, he could discern the signs of the times, and so had what the world calls a shrewd guess--what I, like a Pantheist as I am denominated, should call a divine and inspired foresight--of what was going to happen.'

because I favor it I do not therefore hold myself bound to either speak or vote for any and every suffrage bill that may be introduced into Parliament.

because when he came up on the cabin roof to get dry, all of a sudden, before any of us knew it, he was over at the edge and dived off before Mr. Ellsworth had a chance to call to him.

because it is no longer leavened with a sense of injustice.

because they knew themselves to be surrounded by thousands of hungry, "greedy" Belgians.

because I find that I've grown to love him as my own.'

because he has consented to throw his atom of interest into the general mass of the community.

because it is fought out by us with more love for the strife than any other war.'

because Grant and the girl saw no more of him for the time.

because now you must take me to the Carlton.

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