because of _his_ internal secretions.

because they alone will have stooped, to "conquer nature by obeying her."

because of their exterior, which is as simple as possible, and contains nothing new; but their worth is to be found exclusively in their application.

because they had captured an Athenian ship, and put its crew to the sword.

because the early students pushed up the course to a collegiate standard.

because it has been supposed in some dark manner to reveal the secrets of his prison house.

because it is so excessively _odd_.

because of the query she instantly slipped into a fresh tide of careless chatter and covered up his confusion for him.

because of Friar Martin's dying words, Beltane stood awed and full of amaze.

because he happened to be born under the constellation of the Scales, has died like a Frenchman, in peace with all the world except his wife.

because of his contributions to aerial photography.

because it suited him to go there to buy a horse.

because we had injured English feelings or interests, but solely to destroy a competitor and divide his coat of many colours.

because he had already written for it.

because we are at war against two mighty powers, we shall endeavour to destroy by spirits at home, those who cannot fall by the sword of the enemy, and that we endeavour to hinder the production of another generation; for it is well known, my lords, and has in this debate been universally allowed, that the present practice of drinking spirits will not only destroy the present race, but debilitate the next.

because they are so bothered by the flies that they can't eat much, while the long-tailed ones are able to brush them away, and eat in peace.

because," says Sir Philip Sidney, "they are supported by the great appetites of honor.

because men do not ask God to improve their hearts and stir up their wills.

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