because it would have kept the thought a little longer before his mind, and thus prevented him from hurrying on to the next while this one was still imperfectly conceived.

because that's always the one thing that most campers who aren't used to it forget about--I mean digging a drain ditch outside their tent.

because either your representatives in Parliament have a deep sense of constitutional morality, or that the constituencies which select them have so much sense of constitutional justice that their representatives dare not disregard these fundamental decencies of liberty.

because he saw that it embarrassed his nieces.

because it may be based upon a truth or beauty which cannot die; and there is this chance against any work which has once failed, that its unfitness may be owing to some falsehood or imperfection which cannot live.

because he was the children's guardian.

because I shall not forget the kindness and instruction I received from him.

because of their facility in laughter-making.

because most of the men of my kitchen have gone to war.

because we are all of us only too ready to forget it, and shut our eyes to it.

because at this hour a number of candles were lighted, not only to shed light but for symbolic purposes.

because of your wonderful physique and your intelligence you will get a commission.

because, at that city, the pole is elevated thirty-five degrees and a half, and we had passed six degrees beyond the equinoctial line.

because they loved the strife of spears.

because of the noise, and thought he did not hear her, but she did not mind.

because in laying one thing on another you only move weight.

because of this fear that you made out for him a plan of Riversbrook to assist him in the burglary?

because she was good-looking, and I'm not.

because he wanted to cover up the old shaft again afore any purty boy fell down in it and skinned his nose.

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