because in his fury he forgot Glidden's comrades.

because in the Southern Colonies the Church of England forms a large body, and has a regular establishment.

because to regard it as having any place in the Original Creative Motive involves a contradiction in terms.

because the delicate fabric of her being was such that every movement of the wind, and even those that were instinctive and belonged to the habits of another life, betrayed themselves in her.

because, if he can preserve his life, he receives his pay.

because they had a Saviour who loved them and took care of them.

because I belong to the part of the Danish people who started their own independent, indigenous national schools.

because he pretendeth to know, and dareth to aver, that which he nowise possibly can tell whether it be true; because the heart is exempt from all jurisdiction here, is only subject to the government and trial of another world;

because he will not violate his conscience, and add his voice to those of sycophants, dependents, and prostitutes, the slaves of power, the drudges of a court, and the hirelings of a faction, is the highest degree of injustice and cruelty.

because of the opposed functions of the nerves or organs stimulated.

because the expenditures proved far greater than had been allowed for in the time of the former Caesar.

because it has been said that this friendship cooled, and that my father had for long years neglected to write to his early friend.

because he had to tow a barge down to New York.

because they had been previously defeated: then it was that he lost the majority of his fleet and barely avoided destruction himself.

because just before two o'clock this morning the harbor police, whom I specially ordered to watch the vessel, saw a boat come to the wharf containing a man and woman.

because you didn't seem to be expecting me.

because the sun was streaming into her face, but when she saw that Grant was looking her way she waved a handkerchief.

because my companion in the garden last night happened to be a charming girl of nineteen.

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