because it is one of the fairest ways in all the world, and, rightly understood, one of the most interesting.

because it provided an excellent meal for an extremely modest sum.

because it would mean all the difference to him between constant, gnawing anxiety, and the joy of deliverance.

because there were many who sought that place that they might be the first to see if one beloved was among the travellers by that terrible way, and to welcome the brother or sister who was the most dear to them of all the children of the Father.

because he is very highly connected, and when people have 'axes to grind' he helps to grind them.

because he thinks he has a claim; and what man who fancies he has a claim, is disposed to believe justice is fully done him; or who that is required to discharge a duty, imagines he has not done more than could be properly asked?

because they were already collected otherwhere.

because it is mingled with dross, or refuse to promote the happiness of the nation, because the expedients which were offered for that end happened to be conjoined with some others of a disputable nature.

because he was not up time enough, as neither the admiral nor Gutierrez could see it again above once or twice for a short space, which made them judge it to proceed from a candle or torch belonging to some fisherman or traveller, who lifted it up occasionally and lowered it again, or perhaps from people going from one house to another, because it appeared and vanished again so suddenly.

because they did not reach the point of expressing grief.

because he is the brightness of God's glory, and the express image of his person.

because he allowed a single post-day to pass before he announced his discovery.

because I get the good out of everything,--mere earthly possession doesn't amount to much, a man has to leave the finest estates behind him,--but I get the concentrated sweetness of it all wherever I am.

because he is Lord of all at once, and has made all.

because, unless I'm mistaken, Bandy-legs is meaning to sing out that breakfast's ready.

because they wuz visitin' me instead of them, and my folks callin' me extravagant in vittles--I had a dretful time.

because the romance is gone, or because your love was only a girl's fancy, after all?

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