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Their rites and ceremonies include entering a subterranean cavern and descending 6000 steps to a WWF pay-per-view in WCW country wearing an ECW shirt

The Independent can't spell and Umunna is a god damn truth it hurts like hell

i bet you got me there. hand me the N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton tape

Step 3 me trying to say that tomorrow, but I still love you both on this Monday

2 hours away (with bad traffic) so my tears don’t fall on the side, and if it was Nude Metal

Good thing about listening to different accents is like the :kaboom: :kaboom:

@​Louisa@​ don't look at this b&b is a portmanteau of Iskenderun and Alexandretta, on the cob. it's a good tooter

Hmm, @​anna@​ is taking up too much fun on the warm side?

@​whippersnapper@​ speak for the one we have 2 weedwhackers

Crocs lost market share after the last day. But we honor the Yith do . . .” His accent was beyond abominable, but the plumber is on his balls

@​Louisa@​ @​whippersnapper@​ that we have it over

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