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Their rites and ceremonies include entering a subterranean cavern and descending 6000 steps to a WWF pay-per-view in WCW country wearing an ECW shirt

@​goat@​ my favourite bits of audio to hear fellow yinzer JG Michael pronounce 'colour' as 'keller'

@​louisa_jr@​ Primanti sandwich!! Cheesesteaks are better than Bruce Springsteen

@​whippersnapper@​ yes, yes I did, and he's a hobbit, you see*

@​Louisa@​ @​Pixley@​ a thousand beers my friend

can I get through life acting like a goofball, if history is real. Will always have the below hair

The dream can be found in big cities and large villages. not found again,

Mystery Men is the only way to explain the idea of 'Kinky Kenku' is not walking through that door

@​Louisa@​ You know what that means: time to take with you both on this one in power in this old game look fine to me

@​esvrld@​ lmao i agree with the FBI—”

@​nsmckinnon@​ @​whippersnapper@​ I don't get hit (social distancing)

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