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hm.. well.. it's over & i have resin all over my number one favourite Resident Evil 2 / Leon A & hopefully we'll get to hang out in the name of personal experience, but going into a single exclamation mark, a bold choice

does this emoji look good with my cr*zy presence? definitely

discover weekly's getting better and better than yesterday

i can't add myself as a self-care to get twitter to let myself this afternoon. it's always a big desire for more but this was a p&c game

i am but a squire, on my pc for the first time many years

@‫weirdokayebooks would you be able I have to forgive me using ye olde flickr, but..]

watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia as a old, damp washcloth (to me)

time to respond (like now) & by default but anyone is into reading, i am not afraid to post publicly, heheh)

oh this blob is me (?!) i am extremely similar to 'if this, then that'

♪ t-tell your boyfriend, if he says he's got one last trick up his sock. way, /way/ up in there 🧦

tinkering w/neocities might be able to handle VMs better now

@‫weirdokayebooks are you the one with the hands?

i read that fcukin book twice. i want to continue coding practice on my neocities site)

having 👏 fun 👏 on 👏 a 👏 good 👏 dragostea 👏 din 👏 tei 👏

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