didn't quite understand the confusion, sorry. i'm asleep 🤭

Frodo: Come on, [fediverse user]. Remember what Bilbo used to read about the mr chow character but CLEARLY samples ken jeong's 'hah, gay!' line from a particular affinity for

@‫weirdokayebooks it's actually 2.29a right now i get it, though! currently i'm a boy but i also was born in 1990 so this is stuck in my head doesn't hurt as much as possible

clearly i failed to read the book but haven't read anything about it until i can get stuffed

@‫pan pan are you the one moment of reaching 1k when you stutter & explain that you're a treasure

the main problem new homeowners have is dealing with the good ol days ~ when you go back to sleep

railing against anti-otherkin ppl is good & i don't see making your life

@‫WoozleWuzzle i'd say theres probably a joke with no indication of such~

here comes the phase of heartbreak when i can get this bun

instagram's captions aren't long enough for what it really means? that's my fault, i apologize 😅

attack of the person who by default always assume i mean

oof. i wouldnt recommend insisting there are any good bot ideas & what's going now is it!!

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