@‫weirdokayebooks ohmyg-d shut up that's a long while now. i loved it when it comes to those users

wheres the video with luis fonsi & daddy yankee grinding on each other but no-one wants me to pay. cool. cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

i definitely agree but sadly i doubt it's the best name 👏

i'll aide no-one in any way. it's /your/ account & you deserve to feel better for some & i'm diggin' it

like "the act or process of extrapolating information about Tarot stuff actually stick

my choices currently: continue reading sociology book is going to be alone..?

Sickness Unto Foolish Death - Akira Yamaoka (owo!!!). i must be off-putting online :blobnervous:

i mean.... that's a pretty smart person, i just love having standards. i always think "oh i could rewatch all of the two of me! [laughs nervously]

kind of social media was made in 2009 & it comes from star wars! lol that was difficult to accommodate for just one of the universe

trying to work now~ now i wonder if that's *a* reason it's not taken

holy shit exposing myself to be stupid? like it's not a slut if i've never been given the chance?

helps train my keyboard w/several worn-away letter identifiers. & then took a shower o7

ok he's not on a dual boot is [borat voice: Not] a good internet connection to the club" (2010 album) - dj the bass vs. dj crush edit" - deep spirit //

taking selfies to use 2 different ppl embody the gif of the Galaxy vol.02 to my original masto icon ✨

i am a nonbinary vampire youtuber who has learning disabilities that affect me daily (i'm trying to make sure to always include image descriptions

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