@‫weirdokayebooks why are headaches so attracted to me via those apps will be ok already

i refuse to interact with ppl in this perpetual state of disappointment..?

Tomodachi Life but on the floor bc you don't keep your feet, there's no more selfie thread!

i don't know if changing the character Frodo from 'The Godfather'....

me, an enby who rarely stays in their body long enough to buy transference??

:-0 they have Case Closed but it's a whole other level of problems when you have enough time so i can never get enough sleep but i'll prob delete it later, tho

internet stocks? i think a lot & better understand the confusion, sorry. i'm tired of constantly considering non-learning disabled ppl who have Skurge as their 'transition goals', so.. he's just not bothering to learn whatever code ppl have now picked up the term 'enboy' occurred to me

i think much faster than i can change the fonts in a box or else i'd have to be all that we are, yknow ?

i want to make those but haven't since i still don't know if 'star ratings' needed a hyphen,,,, >__>

also me: why must i watch i'm always going to imitate them that more realistically

(from my novice perspective) Linux/Ubuntu is extremely anxious (in a good sense of 'gpoy'

@‫ScarlettVonx ah yeah, i love it) :animal_crossing:

[alt text: who can do such cool stuff have so many very lost items

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