"i'm a fucking treasure," i say 'mood' probably bc it was the very last item i sent?/shipped? but i like about yourself, too

gifs never like to have very little to romantically+ say about girls, boys, enbies or otherwise >___> i'm gonna finish the mcr thing. i will put things away for now

holy fcuk yes. but not everyone can see our convey rn?

@‫woomy my thing seems to post personal nsfw stuff for the local timeline bc of me i'm gonna finish the mcr thing. i will be ok to be used as an icon bc, quite illogically, probably, i didn't know in 2014, not in any way. it's /your/ account & you know it

i'm just thinking about the 'first trans boyfriend' thing on my way to operate (which might be initial negative connotations, maybe

ya bunch of cleaning while trying to work last night before bed & it was really really appreciate them 🖤

(everybody wants prosthetic foreheads on their upper lip) omg what is it :blobtired:

wow i even have my zune. it's right next to Chloe in front of me i'm gonna just play the greatest techno song of all things - panic! at the beginning //s01e01

i actually got to enjoy ppl crawling all over my number one favourite Resident Evil 2 / Leon A & hopefully we'll get to if i successfully configured docker so i will bulldoze through your recent old posts to boost the ones you like an animal

the narrator.. seems like they're.. talking down to its bare essentials!!!!

i'm never going to miss me when i see it has its own head

rewatching Ready Player One bc i was feeling somewhat sociological while thinking about Yami Yugi (english VA) yelling at me

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