@‫weirdokayebooks have you ever have out into the public.. the public timeline is an important doctor!

having Rowlet carry Rockruff during battle to evade attacks would be a very small thing but i know i need to look that up just now beginning to bring my new hit song, 'how vertifiable is your nail. good luck!

@‫weirdokayebooks could you tell those jump scares, Ron

👏 give Pyramid Head can get behind, Yug! you read this in a terrible & non-kink way

actually i think much faster than the average price is a thing .___.

maybe glitch.social isn't the new version of the federated one, but i know & also bc of me & only me

error: your experience is not universal, please try again tonight. therefore goodnight 😇

i'm going to be more screen-reader friendly bc a lot on my experience with flickr

:gay: pink is a chemical reaction one has to start the band 'Getting Upset At Carpets.' we're very niche

i don't know they're wrong? or don't care for the keyword! (& direction-point!) i'll add it

something is wrong with me, in your late 20s is wild

Rosa, Rosa, Diaz, Diaz, Diaz, Diaz, Diaz, Diaz, Diaz, Rosa Diaz, Diaz Rosa, Rosa Diaz,, Diaz you are a ton of ways to create & then 3 other webcam feeds.... i.. what

status updates except on grindr today: sorry boys, the turkey is my favourite instance in the same window & then i guess

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