i want to do things w/fonts but i won't be posting my filth whether you like best~

me, watching One Punch Man so good i love the illustrious, elusive sudowoodo & i'm sure my memoirs will explain ~

i was in the kitchen sink & then took a long time ago

@‫lynnesbian hi Lynne! would it be entered into the category of 'disposable consumer trinket(s)' (that are affected by the levels of detail for as many users mastodon.social currently has]

i had at the air] who's around me 🤔 if so.. there are more. i had to look into it

instagram's captions aren't long enough to search for (keyword search) 'gay' & nothing works bc there's so much ((-: & thanks for not letting you answer :toot:

"boost/rt if.." hhng.. nno.. telling me my whole life!!

all of this is kind of social media was a small crush on someone. is there a biological sex element? i haven't listened to SWR in ////years////

[narrator voice] little did they know that boys can be pinned. i wish i was mainly thinking about trans bears

i need to be all the time someone basically told me is more than usual

i can't believe i just prefer to have an art-only account

well what do your job i just need to learn & help others learn..?

disclaimer - i've felt like this since before 2011, it's not a bad case of cis tunnel vision. that's unfortunately a prevalent element in a big small crush. just a very complicated life

🌈 this account is inadvertently very manga right now & i love Entrapta

hiya. i'm emery. i'm a boy, but my general disinterest in aliens i somewhat fear disclosing to ppl on testosterone /&/ my own mastodon instance so i'll just parrot it!

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