Trusted Types are an emerging DOM API specification that attempt to prevent a whole range of attacks resulting from web browsers being tricked into execution of untrusted content, for example XSS.

Kudos to Disqus for actually respecting DNT signal from browser

Experiencing issues with the scanner workers - all tasks are scheduled but not actually executed. Should be resolved in the next 30 mins.

We have just completed migration of the whole service to a new server in Manchester hosted by @faelix Both servers are operational as long as DNS does not propagate fully, please ping us if you notice any issues

We had a bit of an issue with the database integrity which resulted in many new scans getting queued rather than immediately passed for scanning. We identified the cause of the problem and working on fixing it. No scan data will be lost and all queued scans were eventually restarted.

We have partnered with, a platform for community collaboration, to allow our community not only contribute to the knowledge base but also get rewarded for it.

Preparing for a major upgrade this weekend. The service may go offline at moments or experience delays in scans.

A new Internet draft by Google's security architect Mike West proposes to replace current HTTP cookies RFC 6295 with a new state mechanism that can be only described as "return to the roots.

Just downloaded ~500MB of my #facebook data and deleted the account permanently. Google's next :) PSA 

Also, just a heads up that the servers are getting hammered lately, and there is a backlog of signup requests. I'm working on both, sorry!

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