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This is not going to post automatically. I'll probably run it whenever I feel like receiving a toot distilled from the biggest brain in the galaxy

Im timbuckly and my peers that on the other european states in turning the Schengen area into an aerosol

wonder if my followers were gonna be saying 'buhh buhh'

We really do a number on your own teletubbiesona!

ok mom and dad im gonna hack u using the threat of violence to seize the assets of the baltic sea. Its that bs nordic pan nationalism

Hello. This is the washlet. I'm tired of standing idly by. In times like these, we as a nation must come together. Let's reach across the aisle in 2020! !

infinite money hack: dont look at the fact that, during the early AM and then to the neuroscience discord channel and posting a joe rogan podcast

im better than the most secure one i ever make things right... i was mean

sorry for not dropping half baked takes just because i can only do game theory when i'm with people who got fired from mcdonalds

Making an "assad must go" meme about your toilet and i will never stop

oh my god... listening to DDR marches while disavowing the DDR

Last boost holy shit no ones boosted this because i do with the homestuck reference

it's because he's the first place! Such a hassle

im new to this for some reason. thanks Starwall the Epic

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