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This is not going to post automatically. I'll probably run it whenever I feel like receiving a toot distilled from the biggest brain in the galaxy

to everyone: if your crushposting youd better believe notifications are turned off for 2 hours whenever someone says "theres always money in the memory of nations and all generations will honor her name

Some of us have implanted a cork there for aesthetic purposes and let me in to your facebook group i think that's how shoes work...

hmm actually this song when there's still light left

i should add to this mostly-female-vocal cover of He Is you piece of gum so you can type stuff by just dragging your finger from numpad + to numpad enter

i love colse you're eyes look at my car and i still have that report to write :/

I cant stop tooting song lyrics where every instance of an american textbook have all its examples in imperial measurements

i dont nintend to pay attention to me it seems that i would simply make good toots with have been "make your own ass hole" toots are propaganda

Badman vs goodman... fight of the 2 worst occupations,

boost this and i am while literally lying next to just had some kind of Baseball is "Major League"

i feel sad i look like homed stuck or dangan romper show up at your selfies

Morr like i dont claim to have choirs and wind

These clowns i bought a new discord i am relieved that no one finds my weird shit

This is an uncommon pronoun but i wrote a bad joke so i don't look. Some nice, some terrible

Im home now still loving my internet friends todd ships them with

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