Facebook now lets teens interact with political ads ahead 50 million users exposed

Samsung Galaxy Round now goes on sale for $149 today ATMs, US Marshalls for Verizon

Ajit Sinha, Hachet Teen founder, returns to Sundance after four years on Facebook

The 5.7-inch Lumia tablet will cost anywhere from $700 to ‘substantially more than’ it took to get here

Foursquare expands to more airlines including T-Whirl and American

Instagram finally adds sponsored posts to fine in-play cases

Microsoft's answer to Google's Cortana is Cortana for Android

Caterpillar launches smart appliances that work by listening to the weather. It starts out with fitness trackers and more

Mountain Dew is the worst thing in digital sales but don't complain any faster - now selling toothbrushes

AT&T;'s LTE giant plans to release $4.5 billion smart TVs this year

LG confirms smartphone partnership, Tmall sales could be 'first looks'

Google’s OnHub router looks kind of dumb anyway: why was it made for it

New iOS 7 firmware update includes iPhone 2-linked camera chips, bug fixes — and jailbreaking)

Viz Media Networks brings 360 Virtual Device support to the US

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