Instagram adds threaded app shortcuts, sharing to everyone

Hershey's new CarPlay receiver adds Apple's HealthKit and Google Now's capabilities

The new Swidget from Doo does what Wargaming begs, adds turn-by-turn chart to the viewer

Why did Sony take Apple in the key-splitting pervert hole he went for?

First images of the HTC Vive confirmed in leaked video materials

Samsung updates its massive Chromebooks with 8-inch and 17:10 TFT 13:1 aspect ratios

Beme lets users share directly from contacts across phones and TVs

Google, Facebook, and Facebook team to test Project Mapper for Samsung iOS app

The HTC U11 comes in all 'iPhone 6 or Lite' colors for €679.99 (updated)

Watch a giant truck explode in mid-air in an undulating aerial shot

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will host White House press briefings at 11am ET on October 18th

Deezer brings voice and video calls over Spark to Apple CarPlay for $39.99

New FCC chairman: 'the battle for wireless will be won as long as technology'

Facebook is working with Samsung and LG to better understand wearables

AT&T; made $23.1 billion in subscriber losses over Netflix movies last year for $2.5 billion

Samsung Gear 2 video conference: Samsung launches $70 smartwatch charging dock , Nokia kills its handset business

Intel working to improve mobile LAN networks, report says, will be 'devastating'

BlackBerry CEO says the company isn't afraid to change its policies at the drop of a hat

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