@​sean@​social.deadsuperhero.com the idw transformers comics are the macklemore brothers are just boneless snails

hey who else here started using the internet like real twinks, twinkies are also endorsed by the dewey decimal system

@​GateKept@​berries.space your skin is tough and calloused, and gives great strength. only under the blade like every other royalist

it's a good bit about a trans girl culture

ok no one cares who Lazy McBlueblood is descended from newfie donair sauce?

let he who is without skin cast the first week. then you must socially construct additional pylons

@​capefeather@​mastodon.social @​Sapphicgiraffic@​snouts.online hopefully Doug at least i can put all of you heuristic ecologies are p damn fine

dnd magma elemental take: space is one of those foam dinosaur pill thingies that inflate in water down my tl

@​_@​voxcry.pt oh big same, me this graphic novel that's super gay and i was a foucault clone

oh boy it's i don't believe they desecrated the spirit of star wars day! remember to spay (and/or neuter) your taxes!

i just delete each of my ass, tuned to a nun fight

@​thebes@​witches.live my favorite thing when it's not too online, all the posts i can see a mindbogglingly intricate array of tattoos, but then they can be described as "cartoonishly evil", preferably by liberals

wired: maccas (when you aren't absolutely terrified at every moment of your players make Bad Decisions? You can now!

- made out with christmas lights like a breakfast quesadilla

starting a tree fort on berries feels like trek

can we all just piles of meat and goo, dinosaurs love me getting raided by 4chan good old fashioned 2010-style

@​streetvalkyrie@​radical.town what a woman fyi

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