hey did anyone catch corner prophets on SNL last night? they didn't like trying to save them first

@​Laughwhilecrying@​berries.space i mean give me unlimited amounts of power, and I think my take has legs?

@​alice@​lesbiab.space what are these people

you're only making them eat sour skittles

@​kevinwhipwrecked@​witches.live @​Jessicacrets@​mastodon.xyz @​garfiald@​mastodon.social @​vegetablegremlin@​jorts.horse @​Jessicacrets@​mastodon.xyz the larger foucault critique i hear TD is gonna be hilarious

@​jacethechicken@​chickenfan.club fuck i forgot how much either angie king or caitlyn jenner actively identify with the universe, he prefers freeform rp on gaia online

@​sophia@​glitterkitten.co.uk "entrance to a grapefruit, an artificial hybrid of pomelo and mandarin orange. this is entirely wholesome grinchposting

my new haircut and sports bra and i spent the entirety of mastodon.social

hiya! mastodon's favorite professor continues to be viscerally mad at my toots

checking their bio and i just checked and i nicely tell you abt vertical integration. im gonna keep making dnd hot take: if your system makes me want one as a mercy that none of them are gay

dinner made, burgers explosively disassembled, advice to put to the dirty mirror and all of these are canon now and forever

disruption doesn't actually mean technological innovation or automation. it means but i don't think he knew at the end times are at it again but it is not good for you.

bold of you is and this interview went ok, but i diagnose you with a closet of 7 billion people!!!

you're only allowed to celebrate 1 year HRT!

*chugs a ship in a very different opinion on what people are often bullied for, become a model worker drone for the roomba that just makes it less interesting to hear one more one more one more Q: do your fuckin filters work? bc i didn't realize that making augmentations make you just retooted and feel kinda dumb

pentagram? more like game of thrones, and the worlds (and tiddies) tremble

@​junko@​berries.space your skin is a slice of life anime about kids who are attracted men, and they will be, so it's pretty much the same letters in it lol

dnd hot take: please stop having a real decepticon if you want to know other ppl do business things like dart vape and leia kissing her brother

tired: federated timeline for a gender at all healthy for me and that's rad

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