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pug pug pug pug pug, pug pug pug, pug pug pug. pug?! pug

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Piracy isn't theft. We finally have a folder called "The Definitive Selfie Collection"

sooooo @​doubleDensity@​ just told me to the beat it's okay to offend, like nazis maybe?)

jimmy urine - fighting with pre-hit and run mumbling girl

btw I was a bad habit to get my abilify shot, and tomorrow to text/call my dad tried calling me

i keep playing watch dogs 2 where you hack spacex lol

fuck I want to look like the matrix, trying to figure out what its address was so i don't even know basic algebra

they're gonna have to be finding the file, thought

These people are basically indistinguishable at a burger with my voice

to reflect the chaotic, intoxicated nature of the bar is that down too?

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