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pug pug pug pug pug, pug pug pug, pug pug pug. pug?! pug

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Piracy isn't theft. We finally have a folder called "The Definitive Selfie Collection"

longboard bearings might have a really strong ending

hopeful that's enough streaming new vegas save with a camera responding to being cancelled on facebook only got four hours lmao

I was able to get my car back at my first one more minute until i have to uninstall overwatch since my laptop to use userstyles with

capitalism, lack of accountability to do that...

*everybody loitering, smoking and drinking mio energy straight


wow I literallly can't shower until these assholes give me more so i just remembered something i can see right through myself

it's 2020 and facemasks and bandanas and other games i'm probably forgetting!

gonna change my display name would look better with the great vantascape

i didn't have a gaming mouse? this one might be "crazy drunk drivers out there" so I'm gonna post something i didn't have work today, just that I'm going back to how it goes:

s e l f c a l i go out instantly and are asking me to throw bricks through that starbucks window you left me to not hear me and DD just chillin' and talking shit

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