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The Pustcast family have the ability of telepathy, but the the heartless sun can kill them in an instant.

The Sickoog clan can fly through the air, but even one drip of water will poison them.

The Gobdug coven can levitate through the sky, but a single drop of water will utterly poison them.

The Moulin coven are more bewitching than all their would-be enemies, but the the heartless sun will curdle their blood.

The sexy Laurent coven and the horrific Urgmug coven agreed to a peaceful alliance.

The Le Noel family runs more swiftly than a falcon's dive, but garlic makes their human face peel off and reveals their vampire face.

The Canklug family can soar through the air, but they completely lose control at the sight of blood.

The sexy Durand clan and the horrible Urgdug clan are killing each other!

The Suggoog family can pirouette through the sky, but just one drop of water will blister their skin.

The Daisyscent clan are sexier than all their would-be enemies, but they simply cannot control themselves when they smell human blood.

The Le Rousseau coven can bewitch any enemy, but they are extremely allergic to bees.

The Whimpcast coven has the power of telepathy, but the the wicked sun will blister their skin.

The passionate Lavender-Kissing coven and the foul Sickout family have chosen to drink each other's blood!

The sexy Le Pierre clan and the foul Goutout coven have chosen to begin a vampire war!

The lawful Garnier clan and the grotesque Conkclor coven are cutting each other's throats!

The beautiful Guillaume clan and the disgusting Glorclor clan have ceased combat to fight a more dangerous foe: the Perrin family.

The Oozoob coven are lovelier than any enemy, but they regress to a bestial state when they see a single drop of blood.

The Des Guillot coven has incredibly sharp claws, but they are deathly allergic to carrots.

The Des Chevalier coven have ultrafangs, but a single drip of water will make them ill unto death.

The Sclurclorchester family are more gorgeous than all comers, but eating a single clove of garlic utterly destroys them.

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