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WIP: message me with "join" to get suggestions for vampire clans you could join

The Du Phillippe coven are more beautiful than all comers, but even one splash of water will cover them with lesions.

The Conkmug coven are more beautiful than any man, but they are deathly allergic to legume products.

The good-hearted Amaryllis-Caressers coven and the grotesque Urgoog clan meet behind a Burger King at midnight.

The lawful Lavender-Kissing family and the foul Scubdug clan are about to drink each other's blood!

The Glurcast family have the ability of telepathy, but they are extremely allergic to silver.

The Holly-Adoring family moves more swiftly than an eagle strikes, but garlic dispells the illusion of their beauty.

The good-hearted Le Blanc coven and the disgusting Goboulg clan are battling with hexes!

The lawful Petit coven and the foul Gluroulg clan are slaying each other!

The passionate Peony-Kissers coven and the horrible St. Glormug clan exchange artifacts in the crypt beneath a church.

The beautiful Hyacinth-Giving family and the contemptible Pukeoob coven agreed to a peaceful meeting.

The sexy Renard family and the horrible Thrawoobburg clan are killing each other!

The tragically beautiful Le Gautier family and the disgusting Gluroob family agreed to a peaceful marriage-alliance.

The Gobbug family moves quicker than the beat of a heart, but they simply cannot restrain themselves when they smell blood.

The good-hearted Daisyhaze clan and the horrible Gobcastton coven have ceased their battle to discuss terms of a truce.

The sexy Dumas family and the horrific Urgooob clan are battling with hexes!

The Gorgblor coven can pirouette through the air, but the the cruel sun will make them sparkle, and then die.

The good-hearted Olivier clan and the foul Gluroog family are battling with pyromancy!

The good-hearted Des Nicolas clan and the foul Globout clan have chosen to drink each other's blood!

The passionate Des Pierre family and the disgusting Cankclor clan are cutting each other's throats!

The Du Conkmug clan dashes more swiftly than the eye can detect, but they are mega allergic to cumin.

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