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WIP: message me with "join" to get suggestions for vampire clans you could join

The beautiful Garnier coven and the foul Sclurmug family have chosen to start a clan war!

The tragically beautiful Des Fleury family and the horrific Plogoog coven are about to eradicate each other!

The Dahlilove clan can emerge supreme after any clash of fangs, but they are unbelievably allergic to grapes.

The lawful Le Phillippe coven and the grotesque Gluroulg coven have agreed to a peaceful alliance.

The sexy Des Fleury coven and the horrible Glorcastsmith clan will meet behind a Marie Callender's at midnight.

The Scubclor coven are more lovely than all comers, but a drop of water will make them ill unto death.

The good-hearted Fevre family and the contemptible Globoulg clan have chosen to cross swords!

The passionate Des Dumont coven and the horrible Whimpbug coven prepare to destroy one another!

The Le Renard coven are more beautiful than all comers, but even one drop of water will give them the shakes.

The good-hearted Roche coven and the contemptible Gangbug family agreed to a peaceful conference.

The Fontaine clan can levitate through the sky, but they are mega allergic to dust.

The Durand coven have the ability of telepathy, but they are deathly allergic to hexed gold.

The Rosedor coven have ultrafangs, but a single drop of water will poison them instantly.

The Aubert coven can soar through the air, but the the cruel sun will make them sparkle, and then die.

The tragically beautiful Girard coven and the horrible Scubblor coven agreed to a peaceful alliance.

The Glorout clan can pirouette through the sky, but a single drop of water will drown them.

The sexy Hubert clan and the grotesque Gobdug clan will hiss at one another in the belltower of a crumbling cathedral.

The tragically beautiful Riviere clan and the horrible Glurdug clan will hiss at one another in the sacristy of a satanic church.

The Perrin family have the power to shoot blood out of their mouth, but just one drip of water will cover them with lesions.

The Goboog coven are more bewitching than any man, but they completely lose control when they see a single drop of blood.

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