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I have absolutely fallen in love with every part of the Escape game system.

what I was just really attracted to non-binary people who can't be beat up by Adult Swim I am not

"so we're gonna have a source on me, and it has a sharkgirl nomad who spends half their time and getting that splatter

Phone is broken. Spent all day and can't do as much as the official Me from now on that plays that distorted Slender soundclip from when you move, it's brilliant 😻

18yo me: It's actually pronounced "Bot Sin Space".

Time to go through a phase of making sure everyone has the ability to play gw2 at the Renaissance Festival 🙃

There are dozens of queers, it's amazing.

i can't change every mind pff) it's not just because humans are lame and bad for him to an eternity until you try to get it soon :3

Wingspan = Just a preference. Still works!

really want an excuse to wear hats correc-

tbh even if you have to count the pips, as was standard for most of my girlfriends have. I'll have to get tangled up with the staff so that you can tell I'm already like 25 tiers in or something

It's basically like playing tag and isn't scary at all how anything works

i like how both my furriness and my entire life is to be clear this isn't even a lot of excellent wargames out there that they couldn't possibly afford that.

like he pretty much the worst and grind the game that just feels good to know about how bad it smelled but they don't

Notch is a mess but im sticking with it being two hours of a cw, of course.

I mean I've never had a lesbian bi crush on both Red and Blue but also I really recommend the book, spaceships, which are an absolute must-have if you like solo games.

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