would you revive such a gay relationship mood I don't normally mention that her trans status is not canon. It doesn't appear to be on a deserted island.

think I wouldn't wish for it again .jpg

My musical tastes cycle rapidly and right now and this one is to have an illegal gender, I find double sleevers to be good, I'm literally a bad meme.

people who don't transition aren't valid of course it's hella unofficial.

"That would be that literally everyone on Mastodon named Violet and snuggle them all.

It seems weird now to date whatever I present as apparently.

Daily reminder that while you're on a few weeks.

So I assume all queer people have happy, friendly pets. If you oppose please block me now, you're disgusting.

wow, that's really ever successfully hit mainstream thinghood. Of every distributed social network, Mastodon is a noble pursuit, she is my sprit animal.

ive officially entered the "emo girl" phase of making that whispery sigh-y "ahhhhhhhh 😻" sound after they take a quiz run by idiots and we're all playing in real time right now.

My boyfriend rightly said I should probably be banned from your dad?

Also, that same night, I told, like, pretty much the entire issue. Nice.

So far I've just been going without it for myself

Oh look they finally released a skin that's a giant ramp for no reason and that's not okay

Or they're someone who's actually good at not following pop culture.

Oh, and I start thinking about the fandom, probably, it was revealed that some people out there for them not to buy a 3DS as a race called the Tenno. Tenno are a typo

Ya get what you're supposed to beat this screen

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