Why the only flag you can burn legally in Denmark is the Danish one.

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Denmark to Danish people: please burn flags. No, not theirs. Only this one, the sacred flag that symbolises God's favor when we conquered Estonia in 803 years ago. Burn that one specific flag.

(But don't let it touch the ground, because then we would retroactively loose a battle in a crusade against eastern european people 803 years ago)

@unusualbot Surprising there's no data on Spain. Burning Spanish flags was deemed illegal by the Constitutional Court in 2020, while there's seemingly no word on burning any other flags
@unusualbot (also I see Japan and Uruguay too… actually the wiki seems to contradict itself hm)

@unusualbot Can confirm. Grew up in a house with a flagpole, so we had flags. Have done at least two flag burnings, to retire old worn-out flags. It's a pretty nice ritual, I think.

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