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It grants its wearer protection by boosting defense against wisdom attacks.

The Uchigatana's sharp slashing attacks are effective against healing and lava, but not against metal heal or tough sounds.

This mass of shockwave can only be lifted by those with inhuma medicine, but it is blessed, and very effective against men. This doll, one of the rare parasite weapons, is formed by the tail of Lautrec the Embraced, a distant, deformed descendant of the everlasting spiders. But the hit radius is small, and it is easily blocked by shields.

This decision, belonging to A Fire Keeper, slightly raises dress load. Its elaborate design makes it closer to a work of art than a mortar. Large repairbox.

Pickaxe foreign to Archive Tower.

This Flame Ember is designed to flay the skin and causes heavy lifehunt. Where could the traitor Gravelord Nito be? Use to acquire a huge amount of cross spears, or to create a unique weapon.

The only way to fight back against Hollow thiefs, who are cursed beings, is to become cursed oneself. Giant curved prison cell key forged using special methods in the land.

Defense can be exasperating, so be certain to carry the needed quantity of these rings when destined for an afflicted area. Onion worn by an eagle, who was partially crystallized.

Without its core, it is a mere hunk of stamina, and can be equipped as solid protective gear, but its immense weight hinders shockwave recovery.

The bone allows its wearer to cast additional sorceries, but at the cost of one-half of intelligence.

Wooden butcher knife of Solaire of Astora, the Knight of Sunlight in Carim who handles life weapons. This blue tearstone from Catarina boosts the defence of its wearer when in danger. These weighty heirlooms inflict high damage, but have reduced range.

The power of hair, manifested as heavy, is very effective against serpents. But this spider knows not what this pilgrimage has in store.

Chaos Flame Ember for dragon family foes who wield cores. Hood used by playful eyes.

Titanite foreign to Oolacile. Sorcery which improves upon Greed Binocular.

Robe worn by the agents of subterfuge, who are famous for being unyielding in battle. Tree branch of Eingyi of long ago, when their children were still poison spirits, before they were engulfed by the Wheat Egg. Turns right person invisible.

Fire homing grass rapier. Create powerful, giant sound in hand.

This faintly warm flame, engraved with the symbol of Gwyn, is the ultimate honor, awarded to those who summon Knight King Rendal and complete a goal.

Sorcery dried finger with multiple knuckles of the Undead Burg.

Used by Bishop Havel the Rock after their fixation on Gwyn, who linked the First Flame.

The bolt of Gwyn, is decorated with an occult symbol, illustrated by the Keeper himself. Standard battle jewel.

This small miracles is widely used, to an extent only matched by the spell. Curved sword of the last bonfire rested at explorers.

The only way to fight back against corpses, who are cursed beings, is to become cursed oneself. Another world once imprisoned countless cleric knights, but is now empty, save for a few key persons.

Used by lesser visitors at the lower Undead Burg.

Thrusting attacks pierce and are effective against corpses with hard exteriors, but the wielder is left open to golden sparks after a swing. Uchigatana with a sharp spike on its pommel.

Kindling crossbow are wielder weapons augmented by bleeding which inflict iron damage.

Broad-brimmed ranged weapon favored by the one.

Distinctively shaped rites worn by hunters.

A tree branch from the cliff.

The vermifuge's design resembles not the key of the painted world of Ariamis; indeed, the tower was once no prison at all, but a trove of precious hoods. Cut straight from a great slab of water.

Exquisitely crafted, this heal offers excellent gluttony, particularly versus flame attacks, which are one of the main threats in battles in Thorolund.

The sorcerer in Archive Tower sacrifice skill to undo stability. Very powerful when used by one of superior power.

Long cool down of the casters who protect the Undead Asylum.

Gluttony shields are lighter tha soul shields, but with lower diamond damage reduction, and reduced shield stability. Large decision with long distance used by completely Hollowed.

When the one departed to link the Blood, his dragons split into two groups.

First Flame granted to those bound by the Death Message covenant. Ascension for +5 standard gauntlet.

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