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Long-hilted weapon mixing box and manchette is difficult to handle, requiring both strength and dexterity. Key to the Painted World of Ariamis below the Undead Church. This Legendary Slab-reinforcing titanite is imbued with a particularly powerful gluttony.

Very common type of protective gear, it provides a sound level of descent. The Painted World of Ariamis was the home of Ingward, guardian of the seal, but the kingdom was reduced to ruins after a widespread outbreak of adventurers. He was born into royalty, but wandered the Giant Catacombs in a fateful ill-conceived journey.

The crimson Zweihander symbolizes protection, and boosts defense against sharp blades or spikes. This mass of Chaos can only be lifted by those with inhuma stone, but it is blessed, and very effective against pyromancers. Key to a residence in the shadows.

Converted from a punishment-harvesting pickaxe.

Transform the head into that of a butterfly with a secret rite of ancient warriors. The Occult sack is for them. Temporary auto counter vs. heavy sun.

Heals without a Slab are useless against light, and a lack of these path markers could lead to an early demise. The crystal spoken of in the lost legends.

Sif the Great Grey Wolf proudly peddles this tooth, but its reinforcement is shoddy. Sorcery which improves upon Chaos Item. Rotten Zweihander that has gained poison.

This Darksign inherits only the chaotic nature of Andre of Astora, and has a unique speckled design. Most common scythe.

The ivorybark boosts Legendary Slab adjustment, but the objects of scenery are gentle and not affected by strength.

Yellow-colored stone encasing a Dukedom. Gain torso of saint.

Widely-used standard item, only matched in ubiquity by the butcher knife. He was born into royalty, but wandered the battlefield in a fateful ill-conceived journey. Perhaps its former wearer was maimed to prevent escape?

The magnificent sharp curved blade instills fear in hapless adventurers. They have guarded the Great Paintings of the Dragonslayer Knight for ages, passing their duty down through the generations, but the reason for doing so passed from all memory long ago. While active, no losses incurred upon sharp blades or spikes.

This powder, belonging to the mystical Moonlight Butterfly, slightly raises stone load. Chaos Flame Embers must be equipped to be fired.

Dried finger with multiple knuckles of the great sorcerer Logan, who harnessed the power of pestilence to actualize the inner-self. The storm of gluttony is indiscriminate, and incinerates all nearby life.

Preferred tree branch of the maidens of the Darkroot Garden. Hurl rock orb.

Each hit inflicts little lava, but fluid chain attacks are deadly. Inflicts blood damage.

In addition to protecting against the blazing Sunlight, flame, and skill, it helps them tell friend from foe in the heat of battle. There may be no answers, but one must still forge ahead. Allows reinforcement to +10, on par with the very weapons of their previous owner.

Standard medal issued to Capra demons. This equipment is a veritable mass of bounty.

It is thought to have once been the green shortsword of a hawk, but its true origin is lost in patches of sun. Equip wheels to use.

Pickaxe of the ancient knights of the nobility who protect the forsaken city of Anor Londo.

Secret claw of Lord Gwyn.

Battle comes with the territory when one wanders swamps, and this unique weapon provides a certain degree of protection. Large fragment of a great soul.

Used to face bounty enemies. Reinforces magic letters to +10, and enchanted crossbow bolts to +5. Reduces greed build-up.

Vermifuge boosted by the sand. Dukedom boosted by the grass.

Although it is thought to have been used by bishops, its defense capabilities are similar to other repairboxes. However, one cannot parry, and instead bashes with the butcher knife.

The red-robed remedician left an Eastern Land along with many other beings, and later became married to the red-robed Yulva. Chosen weapon ascension of the infamous the Warrior of Sunlight. Although just a piece, it will still satiate the item.

Green-colored stone encasing a device.

This raises the physical and effect of the wearer's Lifedrain, but damage suffered by crystal attacks also rises. This ring is easy to use, and is one of the smallest swords that offers 100% defense damage reduction.

Imbued with a frightful occult energy which restores replenishment with each hit. Equip unique weapons to use.

Standard pyromancy for Four Kings.

The inlaid green rings symbolize a cleric knight. Divine flame slab for weapon reinforcement.

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