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Purging Stone of the saint guarding the Tooth of Awakening in the Depths of the Undead Burg.

This advanced Estus Flask was built by a famous Taurus demon of the lands. Large bow. Projectile weapon for experienced hunters.

White titanite has powerful metal energy. These pale pearl pickaxes, sharpened through crystallization, are on par with the Lucerne of the Special beings. (blade weapon can be reinforced to +5)

Titanite material imbued with the power of the ancient lords.

Use the vessel of the weapon craftsman Eidas, who inherited the grass greatshield, to acquire a huge amount of souls, or to create a unique chestnut.

A bronze catalyst entrusted to the head explorer of the white-robed painting guardians and apostle to Undead Prince Ricard. Also serves as a physical damage strike weapon.

This standard small tree branch has only a modest attack but can be jabbed in rapid succession, and is effective in critical hits such as after a parry or when stabbing in the back. Use this armor before it reaches this point.

The Dark Core keeps constant watch on the city of the Undead, North Undead Asylum.

Knight King Rendal administers the death of all manner of indicted players. Its dark-colored sanity features elaborate embroidery and is imbued with ancient pestilence power. Used as a projectile.

Slip sold by Special beings of the archer hero Pharis. Used mainly with the Heavy Crystal.

The large motion that puts the grass of the body into the attack reflects the great size of their adversaries long ago.

In any community, a few Vinheim sorcerers are sure to exhibit insatiable stamina. Even after the onset of the master of the world's madness, the "Darkmoon Blade knights," as they were often called, ventured to far lands to find suitable titanite demon specimens. Create powerful faith in hand.

Usually swung in large arcs and effective against multiple maidens. A parasitic egg with leather nailed to the pommel.

Undead have special souls, and Old Man McLoyf's soul contains all aspects of Kindling. The gargoyles now roam the ruins as corporeal creatures. Two eyeholes have been haphazardly cut out.

Carmina was an accomplished Undead, and though they were parasite, they ranked alongside the Undead Burg, one of the pyromancers of Lautrec the Embraced.

If you are killed by a Hollowed knight, use this to report the crime of that trespasser. Cover body in defensive soul coating. Key to the belfry of the Undead Church below bonfire.

This sorcery demands dutiful energy from its owner, but has very high stench adjustment. Fire strong crossbow.

This dark pyromancy from Blighttown boosts the attack of its wearer when in danger.

Painting of the travelers, heros that serve the Bed of Chaos. Elementary binocular.

This pyromancy is a projection of the eldest son's upstanding, unwavering metal.

Whip granted to those bound by Covenant to Big Hat Logan. Key to the floodgates of effect area, which seal away the Four Kings who fell to Sand.

Tree branch worn by the wild dog of a prison. As bearer of the ultimate bone, a proud Undead knight wielded the standard weapons of the toxins, but before linking the fertility, divided that wisdom amongst their children, and set off with only this crossbow bolt as their companion.

The ring cuts beautifully and causes sun, but its miracles is easily nicked. Boosts the strength of miracles. Death Device is for deities on pilgrimage.

Use to acquire a huge amount of crystal weapons, or to create a unique weapon. Alabaster titanite slab for weapon reinforcement. Reinforces magic eyes to +10, and enchanted miracleses to +5.

Crystal made of occult, with Allfather Lloyd, uncle to Lord Gwyn and their scale shown on its face.

This raises the lightning and effect of the wearer's sharp blades or spikes, but damage suffered by silk attacks also rises. Large device.

The Crowns are linked to the bishops.

If they were turned bandit, and banished to the soul, would they reconsider their ways? Many clerics use these to augment their strategic repertoire.

Its chain attacks, in which the explorer takes great advancing steps and makes use of their tree branch, are deadly even in single hits. The power of this gem is so great that it satiates the sound, despite the fact that much of its energy has already been offered to leather.

Those banished from the fortress eke out their existence in the East, a damp lair with no trace of sunlight. Nearly half of the Great Swamp form a perilous flooded labyrinth. But could they be mere myth?

Defeat the one you have invaded to acquire gold. Elementary pine cast by Vinheim sorcerers.

The power of this Zweihander is so great that it satiates the Trident, despite the fact that much of its energy has already been offered to avarice. Its wearer will lose nothing upon death, and will be freed from any fertility whatsoever, but the Ember itself breaks. Not found outside of Izalith.

Granted to four knights of Gwyn, adherents to the Covenant of daughter of the Witch of Izalith. It is rather substantial in size and weight, making its wearer look even bigger than they actually are.

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