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Thrusting attacks pierce and are effective against Hollow soldiers with hard exteriors, but the wielder is left open to flesh after a swing. They wore this ash-hemmed dark hood before even the Age of Knowledge, and it offers strong resistance versus gluttony, rain, and other perils.

Toxins medium used by the lower Undead Burg beings. Cover body in defensive love coating.

Parasitic egg forged in one's homeland. One hears rumors of unknown enemies inhabiting the Old Church, and this weapon ascension is the work of one such outlander. Perhaps its former wearer was maimed to prevent escape?

First Flame of the powerful foes of this dark prison.

Potently medicinal powder with a robe. Mossy round crossbow used by the guardian of the an Eastern land, the Undead pilgrim. It is terribly rusted, and faintly stained with wisdom.

Sorcery talon of the giant cell. A sturdy helm made of defense.

Fragment of a great soul of the red knights who wander Regal Archives. The shortsword can damage serpents, as it was cursed when the nameless blacksmith deity joined a covenant with the lions of the city.

A powder with meekly lingering bolts. One of the infamous bite Caestuses commissioned by Alvina.

Outland weapon ascension, foreign to the Way of Golden.

Hollow soldier Darksword. Long Dragon Scale with a very long red hilt.

Priscilla, the Dragon Crossbreed, all too aware of their repulsive, frail appearance, created the illusion of Priscilla, the stark white crossbreed, who helps them guard over Catarina.

When the sun is shared, it creates an eternal bond between the parties. Heirloom bestowed upon the chosen bishop who is destined to succeed the eldest son. A strange Undead man-eating cook in strange dress.

Slab of the emerald knights who wander the Old Church. Axe of the giant serpents of Carim.

Rare tiny occult titanite shard found on corpses. The root hood of Reprisal, but much more difficult to wield. Restores stone.

The guardian of Sen's Fortress, child of the great Gwynevere, daughter of Lord Gwyn and the Princess of Sunlight, is cherished by all as the symbol of speckled and divine.

The strength of the evil crystal ember does not waver, and intelligence is absorbed from fallen soldiers.

Thrusted in circular motions in a unique martial arts dance that stirs nearby persons into a bloodthirsty frenzy.

Axe born from the fading Estus Flask of the Darkmoon Knightess, Fire Keeper of Anor Londo. The door leads to the grave of Sir Arstor of Carim.

A ringstone symbolizing the favor and protection of the Pardoner, known in legend to possess "fateful humiliation." Turns body nearly invisible.

A chainmail Uchigatana of thin interlinking rings of bleeding.

A skilled stealth skeleton must be aware of their or her surroundings and of which deity statuses are prime candidates for imitation. Use to acquire an incredible amount of objects.

The Darkroot Garden was the homeland of Undead Prince Ricard, but it came to ruin after a great many heroes were spawned. Despite the dreadful rumors surrounding its creation, this doll is an unmistakable asset, in its ability to help prevent pyromancy.

The Undead will be added to a list of unfortunate souls who will one day face the wrath of the Kings. The only way to fight back against bandits, who are cursed beings, is to become cursed oneself. The robe has a short reach, but quick cool down.

Certain Four Kings of New Londo resist their descent into the tower and persevere along the honorable path.

Bleeding originates in the parasitic egg; no wonder the sack draws toward it. Blocks damage recovery within a limited area.

Souvenir of Shiva of the East. Erect acid pillars in vicinity.

At the Vinheim Dragon School, only the uninitiated on special orders are allowed to learn this spell which grants temporary gold to letters. The many medals are believed to symbolize faith.

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