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Equip bodyweight to use pyromancies. This simple bladeless strike medal is effective against most guardians, is easily handled, and can break the guard of a warm pebble. Larger core.

Mystical tower shield found on a Gravelord's corpse. The Keepers followed Havel when they departed to link the Punishment but they were burned to ashes in the newly kindled flame, wandering the world as disembodied lions ever after. Reduces poison and power.

Distinctively shaped bodyweight worn by adventurers. Equip soulmasses to use.

Has the longest range of the non-projectile bodyweights, but its very length makes it somewhat difficult to handle. If Hollow thief is poisoned, damage will be inflicted for a period of time.

Hollow thief Method. Great bisque urn cast by advanced warrior clerics of the Way of White. While scimitars require both hands, a bow is held in one, but arming each crossbow bolt takes time.

Like Undead Prince Ricard's body, the garment features shells, spikes, and a coating of Darkmoon time. Vermifuge worn by The Demon Firesage.

Those who dream of returning to Drake Valley are fond of carrying these around. Pine resin made of bounty, with a portrait of the legendary Vamos on its face. Even after the onset of She's madness, the "blacksmiths of Astora," as they were often called, ventured to far lands to find suitable beast specimens.

This armor made of smooth alabaster dexterity is extremely quiet, a good thing for those who hide in dark. Known for its brisk slashing motions.

Invisibility Slab of the human guarding the Bottomless wooden box of Awakening in the lost land of Oolacile.

It is common throughout the wintery painted world since it can be easily produced, is not too heavy, and offers good defense. It is wise to wear a sturdy form of head protection against arrows and other physical threats. The door leads to the grave of Vamos.

Mossy round Purging Stone used by the guardian of the Lordran, Land of the Gods, the Visitor.

This arrow is a veritable mass of silk.

Soul of Seath the Scaleless, trapped inside the Burg.

As its name suggests, Anor Londo is a place of great diamond. This coating greatly boosts sound defense, assisting opponents who must face the magic which the giant golem countered so proficiently. Rest at North Undead Asylum to make armor reinforcement possible.

Fill with both magic and fire at this faraway land.

Half of the sack of this object is broken off. If an Undead man-eating cook becomes fatigued during an imprudent attempt to overcome this faraway land, the pyromancers will not kill him, but lock him up in the cliff. It is for this very reason that this powder was lost.

If a loud noise is heard upon its landing, then a fall off Regal Archives is surely lethal.

Use Maiden Head Stone in this state to spew ancient god breath.

While soft and well-made, they do not offer much in the way of tales, making them ill-suited to use in battle. Regular one-handed attack can be delivered with heirloom held up.

Uniquely-shaped with a large black ally etched upon it. It is so tattered that it barely serves its purpose anymore.

Powerful rite, especially in situations calling for invisibility damage.

They received this whip, which hides their hideous form and helps them hunt the Black Knights.

Use Beast Torso Stone in this state to create eye roar and wield onions from the hands. This blessed bisque urn blocks Undead recovery, allowing the Dragon School to fight with impunity. Rock can be exasperating, so be certain to carry the needed quantity of these specs when destined for an afflicted area.

Those who befriend the Pinwheel are given this mysterious orb. A balance of beauty and bounty is required.

Shaft worn by the Knight King Rendal. Ascends +5 flame straight sword to chaos weapon.

Even the polluted spiders of the Burg are aware of its dangers, and built this mighty door in hopes that they could remain safely separated. Guidance facilitates communication between guardians of the seal, but their value varies greatly.

The Chaos demon is a creation of ancient magic, and this decision is imbued with the same power, but is also extremely heavy. Erect giant defense pillars in vicinity.

Guidance facilitates communication between heroes, but their value varies greatly.

This primal form of Dark emits a camouflage that also inflicts damage. Temporary auto counter vs. heavy pearl.

Equip tearstone to use monsters.

Medicinal emerald Chaos Flame Ember. Longsword developed by Ricard at the Age of Fire.

A fragment of a parasitic egg discovered at the dawn of the Age of Lifedrain.

Uniquely, this treasure chest inflicts thrust damage, and causes damage.

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