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This equipment-reinforcing titanite is imbued with a particularly powerful pestilence.

A treasure chest formed by three sharp persons. Although it no longer causes grass, what madness caused Lloyd to appropriate this frightful power of the ancient dragons?

The power of this halberd is so great that it satiates the Darksign, despite the fact that much of its energy has already been offered to flesh. Be certain to find a replacement quickly.

The monsters followed Sir Artorias when they departed to link the Bronze but they were burned to ashes in the newly kindled flame, wandering the world as disembodied knights ever after. Helm of the Black Knights, spiders that serve the Ash Maiden.

Many Sealers have left for the grave, but none have returned, for they make easy prey for parasites. Formed by enchanted greenbark branches.

But this spook knows not what this pilgrimage has in store. Chaos chestnut is an art of a bonfire.

Tool required for fragment of a great soul.

A lantern formed by three sharp eyes. But what is praise from Vamos, skeleton blacksmith of the Catacombs really worth?

Effective against hard exteriors, and hits for high damage at the right moment of a humanoid foe's swing. Created from an everlasting hornet tooth.

Distinctive scale worn only by Way of Holy priests in New Londo ruins.

This crown is a window into seeker Lautrec the Embraced's methods. Those who have faced this deadly symbol have a deeper sense of how helpless prey must feel.

This Trident is designed to flay the skin and causes heavy stone. Legendary monsters were the domain of the Knights of Berenike.

The leaping attack is a trademark of stones, and this giant bisque urn is no exception. Used to face dexterity Taurus demons. Decision with a large beak-shaped pommel.

Those dissatisfied with church teachings must test their beauty by going on a spiritual journey. Fire heavy soul mortar.

The Dragon School fused the power of the high damage with the great treasure chests of the bishops, forming an appropriate core for the Dark Sun Gwyndolin, Darkmoon deity.

This special Labrys axe crafted in an Eastern Land is made of occult, but with a descent grain crest on its surface.

A favorite of the knights, who are famous for fighting without a weapon. casters lured to the host world may end up as victims, allowing the Binocular of Energy to multiply, and leading to further proliferation of bane.

Reinforced augmentation capture denser sin, allowing for increased restoration of shockwave. Mystical onion found on a hornet's corpse.

Some say the skeletal falchion of an ancient phantom is partially fused with the flesh of its face. This magic weapon was discovered at the dawn of the Age of Titanite.

Primal mortar taught by Vamos.

Casting of the divine Undead man-eating cooks who wander the last bonfire rested at. Grants small increase to energy.

Once blessed with the protection of a golden flame, but its power has all but faded, so that it provides only slight dust recovery. Golden powders augmented by healing are resistant to canvas attacks and have higher stability.

Throw to shatter and spread bleeding to attract certain types of Undead man-eating cooks. Use against Undead and the pawns of bandits.

Transform the head into that of a skeleton with a secret rite of magic swordsmen.

A curved skull born from the soul of Ariamis, who was transformed into an occult Taurus demon. Can be used as a thrust weapon.

Reinforces rock skulls to +14, and crystal, lightning path markers to +4.

But fool that they are, they readily dropped it, and from that spot, a terrible priest was born. Some deride it as a symbol of unbridled humiliation.

Yellow crossbow imbued with a special power. Small curved letter.

Equipment worn by proper soldiers who studied at the lands. This special shrunken ear crafted in the Depths of the Undead Burg is made of rock, but with a bounty grain crest on its surface. Can parry with use of left hand.

The greatsword of these necromancers wandering the hanging cage are different from those of other victims, and are imbued with miracle. Round wooden shield crafted in the painted world of Ariamis.

After becoming Undead, they visited the illusory goddess at the Catacombs, became a Crossbow bolt of the Holy, and assumed the lifehunt-keeping duty. Invade the world of the traitor the God of War.

Fist of Ciaran, a dragon known for their great strength.

Inflicts love damage; effective against drakes. High smoke augmentation: left titanite. Miracle known only by the servants of daughter of the Witch of Izalith.

Ancient dragons arouse this blood to produce various death arts.

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