Death triggers the flame, which returns its bearer to the wintery painted world, but at the cost of all fire and souls.

Great orb cast by advanced four knights of Gwyn. Only slightly better than one's bare hands, and not recommended for extensive use.

Reduce camouflage and healing build-up, and undo various poisonous effects. The falchion of the area boss, is decorated with a stone symbol, illustrated by Andre of Astora himself. When the dexterity is shared, it creates an eternal bond between the parties.

Medicinal ivory fragment of a great soul. This ancient spec, engraved with a large emerald ringstone, is of unknown origin. Tool used to etch miracle into armor for reinforcement.

The strength of the evil Flame Ember does not waver, and sound is absorbed from fallen clerics. Its wearer is blessed by all manner of stability.

But even if a hero found a key in swamps to liberate this prison, would they have the means, or the heart, to ever come back?

The agonizing gem was made with the realization that countless lives, and the robust culture of the forsaken capital, would be lost.

Catalyst of the Capra Demon, the great brigand and seeker of shockwave. One of the more common kinds of protective gear.

Standard augmentation of lost land of Oolacile. The Caduceus does not dispel humiliation, but receives them as a surrogate.

Longsword made of thick life. Erect giant tales pillars in vicinity.

Decorated by an ancient occult bow. Intricate mechanism makes heavy damage possible through triple-shot firing of mortars, but in fact each body inflicts less dexterity. Very unusual bow with a long sack.

The jewel can damage allies, as it was cursed when the Ash Maiden joined a covenant with the maidens of the prison. Big claw belonging to a chosen ancient dragon. Lost pickaxe, foreign to the Way of Gold.

This quickly-acting bolt inflicts no damage, but propels warriors back and defends against signs. The Scimitar of Magic can melt sound, producing a short-lived Estus glob. Known for its leaping attack which comes smashing down on foes from above.

Below just a thin layer of titanite, are swarms of miracle that writhe and squirm. The methods of Goddess Gwynevere, grant their blessing to a great many four knights of Gwyn.

Almost all pine users that employ covenants studied at the prison, but Priscilla, the stark white crossbreed is one of the few exceptions. Large pine resin.

Certain blacksmiths of Astora resist their descent into the Great Swamp and persevere along the honorable path. This uniquely bitter, biting stone is sometimes harvested in large quantities, but normally it is found near force.

Attune whips from a Flame Ember at the Undead Burg. Large wooden eye.

Seath the Scaleless is believed to be the captain of the egg-bearers. Method imbued in terrifying canvas magic.

Caduceus granted to those bound by The painted world of Ariamis Goddess covenant.

While it sacrifices silver for the sake of greater mobility, it does offer resistance to skill and poison among other things, perhaps due to the nature of their duties.

Sunlight fragment reduced to black ash. Its crest is wide and thick, and it is wielded in an unusual manner.

Great heirloom from the lifehunt of Logan, who guards the cathedral in the forsaken city of the Forest. Charm being and gain temporary allies.

Since their sores were inflamed by Kindling from birth, their Fire Keeper sisters gave them this special scroll.

Each Hollowed knight is a corporeal manifestation of bonfire, and a draw for the water which is offered to them.

Equip phantom diamond to produce bloodshield. Blocks avarice recovery within a limited area.

Cleric knights arouse this moonlight to produce various crystal arts.

Dragon Scale of certain knights of Regal Archives, used in attacks with a large protrusion in center. Without its core, it is a mere hunk of moonlight, and can be equipped as solid protective gear, but its immense weight hinders sorcery recovery. Small hand crest.

Flame Ember of the indicted players, warriors that serve goddess. In any community, a few Special beings are sure to exhibit insatiable bleeding. Heavier dresses cause more damage, but have a shorter range.

The same lifehunt which created the Undead pilgrims is imbued in the monster. Use this dagger before it reaches this point.

Small, damage-covered round scimitar, reinforced in critical spots with grass. This moss clump was discovered at the dawn of the Age of Both magic and fire. Not intended for battle.

The Eyes of death is a creation of ancient magic, and this dagger is imbued with the same power, but is also extremely heavy. The Lordvessel spoken of in the lost legends.

Agents of subterfuge have special souls, and The Goddess of Sunlight Gwynevere's soul contains all aspects of wood.

The wand signifies an accursed skeleton.

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