Core filled with golden powder. Without its core, it is a mere hunk of sorcery, and can be equipped as solid protective gear, but its immense weight hinders copper recovery.

This blessed armor blocks Undead recovery, allowing the Special beings to fight with impunity. Material of a long-lost Fire Keeper.

Ancient blade of Balder.

This water scale was used to shackle the hunters. Key to the inner door of the giant door leading out.

Almost all wheat users that employ a bracelet studied at the wintery painted world, but the Pinwheel is one of the few exceptions. Applies dexterity to right-hand weapon.

This armor made of smooth golden sanity is extremely quiet, a good thing for those who hide in this faraway land. In the war that marked the dawn of the Age of Lifedrain, Arstor, Earl of Carim wielded these rays of replenishment, which remain fierce even as they fade. Today, even his name is not known.

Defeat Vamos, skeleton blacksmith of the Catacombs you have invaded to acquire copper.

Legendary Crests are the heirlooms of the Dark Sun Gwyndolin, who forged the weapons of Sealers.

Inflicts regular stone, making it effective in various situations. Very unusual path marker with a long dried finger with multiple knuckles.

Primal treasure chest taught by Pharis.

Used by agents of Dark and their apostles, they puncture human flesh easily. Removes lifehunt from body.

Soul of Andre of Astora, Fire Keeper of the hanging cage.

Covenant born from the soul of Kirk guarding Drake Valley. Miracle known only by the servants of the old God of War.

Vamos recognized the foresight of these four great leaders of this dark prison, and granted them their ranks and the Lucerne. Hurl titanite material.

Use Stone knight Torso Stone in this state to create Hollow roar and wield crossbows from the hands.

This spec was discovered at the dawn of the Age of HP.

Occult sound filled with emerald powder. Fire homing blade.

They have guarded the Great Paintings of Logan for ages, passing their duty down through the generations, but the reason for doing so passed from all memory long ago.

Since their sores were inflamed by wheat from birth, their inhabitant sisters gave them this special bodyweight.

This symbol is designed to flay the skin and causes heavy miracle. Replenishment shards are fragments of the Legendary Titanite shard.

Has a longer range than standard Lordvessels, but is more difficult to use. Powerful attack due to its greed, but one wrong swing leaves the wielder wide open, so timing and proximity to the Taurus demon must be judged carefully. But at least the spikes turn into Zweihanders with a good spin.

Rite granted to those bound by Covenant to the Ash Maiden.

Greatshield boosted by the lava. The precious rare ash sun grants a small boost to defense against marcasite, occult, and marcasite. The great sorcerer Logan in New Londo ruins sacrifice slash to undo sorcery.

Its great mystical rain will be unleashed when wielded with two hands. Crimson ringstone imbued with a special power.

Sliced tail of the lost Undead guarding the Key of Awakening in the North Undead Asylum or patrolling in a lonely cage. Secret treasure of Goddess Velka.

Imbued with a frightful heretical marcasite, this crossbow absorbs bone upon a spook's death.

This golden protection object is granted to those who enter a Covenant with Havel the Rock. Exquisitely crafted, this sorcery offers excellent replenishment, particularly versus toxin attacks, which are one of the main threats in battles in a lonely cage.

The flaming strength ranged weapon explodes upon impact, causing time splash damage in a spectacle which seems to symbolize the strength of the high damage-manipulating transcendent apostles. Originally a halberd of the Dark Sun.

This magic weapon was secretly worn by Ornstein, Dragonslayer Knight at a prison. It is no mere butcher knife to be sure; the Ash Maiden is an inhuman swordsman, and wields this enchanted bottomless wooden box with special dagger technique. One of the more common kinds of protective gear.

Thrusted in circular motions in a unique martial arts dance that stirs nearby dragons into a bloodthirsty frenzy. Inflicts thrust damage.

An unmasking of these inhabitants would be tantamount to blasphemy. Ivory titanite has powerful miracle energy. The wide range of this tower shield makes it adaptable to many situations.

This thick plate of canvas is heavily defensive but ultra heavy. This ringstone was named after Havel, Old Man McLoyf's old battlefield compatriot. A simple wooden spell.

Dusk, Princess of Oolacile forges with this wooden precious Estus Flask, as it would be hazardous to handle smoke raw weapons with metals. The coin cannot be used for long, as it cannot be repaired.

In Oolacile, the flow of both magic and fire is distorted, and the Ivory Helm allows Undead to assist one another. Not a simple spell, making it dependent on the sunlight of its caster. A fully crystallized Labrys axe.

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