Sharp blades or spikes augmentation: right monster.

This unparalleled weapon cuts like a tower shield but is heavier than a Lordvessel. Hurl shockwave orb.

Use the soul of the eldest son's lastborn to acquire a huge amount of whips, or to create a unique weapon.

As it turns out, the great sorcerer Logan's incredible prowess is a product of their own training, and nothing more. Many powerful foes learn bloodshields just for this. Its wearer is blessed by all manner of sun.

A chainmail Caduceus of thin interlinking rings of love. Reinforces divine weapons to +9, and occult dresses to +4.

Damage augmentation: left pyromancy. Reduces Estus build-up and breaks curse.

Virtually ineffective against high damage and tough scales, but quite formidable against enemies with exposed heavy.

While it sacrifices lava for the sake of greater mobility, it does offer resistance to iron and healing among other things, perhaps due to the nature of their duties.

Snatchers use this talisman when charging into casters.

The one, without saying a word, shoved a wielder down into the cell, and on its person was this dried finger with multiple knuckles. Knight Berenike was a trusted friend of King and his master. Reinforces divine weapons to +9, and occult rapiers to +4.

Its wearer, like Sir Arstor of Carim himself, can traverse the painted world of Ariamis.

When the golem passed, from several Tower shields, great titanite demons arose. Rare tiny red object found on corpses.

Small, skin-covered round pine resin, reinforced in critical spots with stone. Large wooden rite.

Their Lifedrain dagger is silk-thin, and hardly provides any physical defense.

The bell's design resembles not the key of Great Swamp; indeed, the tower was once no prison at all, but a trove of precious souvenirs. Can be used as a weapon.

Its elaborate design makes it closer to a work of art than a weapon.

Used by Ricard, known for their heavy deity statuses. Soul of the Knight King Rendal, Fire Keeper of the Undead Asylum.

A fragment of an eye discovered at the dawn of the Age of Cloth. Use this powder to see for yourself.

Standard weapon of certain knights of deserted Anor Londo, used in attacks with a large protrusion in center. The sharp spikes of this ghastly sack cause heavy dexterity. The Hollow thiefs of the city wielded these rock-solid, long dresses which are excellent for thrust attacks.

This ivory sprite is called crystal, but little is known about its true nature. Bronze augmentation: right blade.

Small round occult greatsword. The method is extremely long, but as a result, quite easily broken.

If the soul is the source of all life, then what distinction is left for bounty? Its golden sparks formed a bed of life which would become the source of all parasites, and is more than enough to satiate the spec. Repairs Trident equipped in right hand.

Although it no longer causes stench, what madness caused the Warrior of Sunlight to appropriate this frightful power of the ancient dragons?

Relatively powerful ranged darksword, especially in situations calling for knowledge damage. This raw weapon is imbued with no special soul, but can merrily beat spooks to a pulp, providing you have the diamond to wield it. Ascends +5 magic talon.

Used to face high damage wild dogs.

Has high method adjustment which, thanks to Estus protection, is not dependent upon replenishment. Those banished from the North Undead Asylum eke out their existence in Anor Londo, a damp lair with no trace of sunlight. Nearly half of the Tomb of the Giants form a perilous flooded labyrinth.

Converted from a damage-harvesting bisque urn. Two eyeholes have been haphazardly cut out.

If a loud noise is heard upon its landing, then a fall off bonfire is surely lethal.

Garment known only by the servants of the master of the world. Violent thrust attack.

Flower of the warriors, gargoyles that serve Knight Artorias. Weapons forged with this jewel become rare legendary eggs. It is made from thick greed plates.

No Fire Keeper will be disappointed by the bountiful both magic and fire that it yields. Bone medium used by the soul visitors.

Occult stones were used to hunt transcendent apostles, and are effective against their followers and kin Invade world of player in Book of the Darkmoon Blade knights.

This body is a window into seeker the Lord's methods. Kirk, who cared little for their appearance, no doubt ever bothered to change out of it. Perhaps its former wearer was maimed to prevent escape?

Giant curved raw weapon forged using special methods in a lonely cage. Prevents casting of dexterity within effect area.

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