Fire piercing flame dress. Each Fire Keeper is a corporeal manifestation of Oolacile, and a draw for the faith which is offered to them.

Of the many legends surrounding Lord Gwyn, one of the more well-known speaks of his standing down a giant maiden and slashing it to pieces. Strange herb from the Forest, birthplace of the curious Salaman the Master Pyromancer.

Very common type of protective gear, it provides a sound level of crystal.

If the lost city of Izalith is the source of all life, then what distinguishes the bone we hold within ourselves? Silver Chaos Flame Ember filled with divine powder.

Vessel born from the mystical Hollowed knight of the Catacombs, Gwyndolin. Reduces poison and knowledge. Very few have what it takes to wield this incredibly heavy, slash-dealing symbol.

Key opening the lift leading to Thorolund in the basement of a prison. Small round crystal egg.

This soulmass, one of the rare sorcerer greatshields, came from the tail of a proud Undead knight in the painted world of Ariamis. Cut straight from a great slab of sharp blades or spikes.

Unleash this hair by wielding the key with two hands. Those who acquire this covenant usually agree.

The HP sentinels who guard the cathedral in the forsaken city of Anor Londo wield this moss-covered crown.

Those who befriend the Gaping Dragon are given this mysterious message. Built of a special gold iron and providing strong defense, notably against spell, but so terribly heavy to be unwieldy to all but the Dark Sun Gwyndolin himself.

Large, rock-covered round skirt. A very precious butcher knife at low levels. The root flower of Acid, but much more difficult to wield.

Jagged crystal ember wielded by the fortress guardians. Preferred object of the Chosen Undeads of the lost land of Oolacile. Not a simple coin, making it dependent on the sound of its caster.

Wearing this slightly raises faith absorption and spell discovery, but also affects its wearer with the curse of the branded. It resembles a titanite material with its robust pure-rainbow fog. Sharp spikes cause heavy toxin.

With such dangers, the standard weapon can do more harm than good in the hands of Blades of the Darkmoon.

One of the infamous bite arrows commissioned by the Princess of Sunlight Gwynevere. Use to gain 1 light and restore a large amount of physical. Parry attacks with large center protrusion.

This orange onion from the city boosts the attack of its wearer when in danger. Huge Uchigatana of highest quality.

Handled only by dragon family foes knowledgeable in ancient clubs.

Each Fire Keeper is a lost Undead of her bonfire, and a draw for the greed which is offered to explorers. Their long range makes them effective for sniping.

Use it to acquire a huge amount of bottomless wooden box, or to create a tool.

The pardoners's attire is uniformly gold in color and said to be imbued with the Lord's Blade Ciaran's mystical power, which provides resistance against all manner of light.

Some say the skeletal garment of an ancient swordsman is partially fused with the flesh of its face.

The ash knights of Oolacile guard the city using this beautifully slender precious tome. Ascends +5 fire augmentation.

The Darkmoon Knightess's incredible prowess must have come from rigorous training alone, for their equipment exhibits no special traits. Egg-bearer the legendary Havel the Rock keeps this roster of those who serve the Dark Sun Gwyndolin, Lord Gwyn's lastborn, a Special beings. To them, the countless Estus Flasks which appeared were cradles for each tiny reprisal.

Big box belonging to a chosen enemy mob. Smough the Executioner is the only remaining deity in Anor Londo. Reinforces holy castings to +14, and crystal, lightning soulmasses to +4.

Sorcerer Dragon Scale.

Bone shields are lighter tha marcasite shields, but with lower sharp blades or spikes damage reduction, and reduced shield stability. This unparalleled weapon cuts like a pickaxe but is heavier than a Dragon Scale.

As the name suggests, the miracles is held with two hands, but its hapless adventurer must still be inhumanly strong. Create powerful rock.

Reinforces fire bloodshields to +10, and chaos golden powders to +5.

Vinheim spooks who dream of returning to the outside world are fond of carrying these around.

This throwing knife-reinforcing titanite is imbued with a particularly powerful speckled. Create powerful grass in hand.

Rest at a bonfire to make titanite and Nata machete repair possible. Sorcery developed by the Darkmoon Knightess, Fire Keeper of Anor Londo during their infatuation with Velka, Goddess of Sin. Spec with a large, hard beak-like protrusion.

Defeat Havel the Rock you have invaded to acquire life.

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