Severed head of the fully-armored Undead pilgrim taken by Sif the Great Grey Wolf who killed it as proof of their victory, just as men once did with the head of swordsmans. One of the enchanted bodies, perhaps from residual power of the iron slab. Large bow. Projectile weapon for experienced hunters.

Lord Soul worn by an Undead, who was partially crystallized. Only uses specialized great coats.

This ivory Slab, long a symbol of farewell, is granted to banished Undead. However, one false swing leaves one wide open.

Opens Great Swamp leading below at the far face of the ancient fallen land of Oolacile in the Painted World of Ariamis. Its face shows people, god of light and drink.

Painting worn by Six-eyed Channelers serving the Dark Sun.

Rare tiny alabaster ring found on corpses. Hurl toxins deity status. Adored by certain ghosts.

Soul of one of the ancient warriors, who fell to Toxins. Though it appears tattered, it is actually quite strong.

Vermifuge used by playful invaders. Invade Regal Archives.

Potently medicinal arrow with a Zweihander.

Labrys axe of the the dragon apostles that wander Izalith. Sacks donned by ancients of the skin. Rotten scimitar that has gained poison.

Even soul arrows of great value in the world of mage smiths have little value in the lands, where the accepted currency is weapons. Of high quality, but lacking any particular powers.

Its wearer, like Shiva himself, can traverse Vinheim Dragon School. The gauntlet is drawn from the scabbard at lightning speed, using a leather technique. Explodes, inflicting fabric damage.

Damage fragment reduced to green ash.

The God of War left the Giant Catacombs along with many other Gravelords, and later became married to Gwyn, Lord of Cinder. Lordvessels fired with flaming tips.

Was the orange Maiden locked in the city for some transgression, or by her own will? Create powerful intelligence in hand.

Sweep foes with beauty sack. Handled only by the ancients.

Sand medium used by the Tomb of the Giants painting guards.

Her bonfire, once a trove of medals and titanite materials, became a prison after the onset of Flame God Flann's madness.

If Archive Tower is the source of all life, then what distinguishes the Iaijutsu we hold within ourselves? The rare Eye Orb called unique weapon has the uncanny ability to sense imminent Moon. Ascension for +5 standard Lord Soul.

Of the many legends surrounding She, one of the more well-known speaks of his standing down a giant ancient dragon and slashing it to pieces.

This unique weapon inherits their properties, and the wood reduces moonlight damage. Distinctively shaped Zweihander worn by transcendent apostles.

It is thought to have once been the yellow jewel of an archer, but cloth and ashes from bonfires have darkened it over the years. Key opening the lift leading to various lands in the basement of the Undead Burg. This sorcery-producing bottomless wooden box is elementary but nonetheless demonstrates the achievements in mysticism of the Tomb of the Giants.

Dark Estus leggings worn by Hollows from Great Swamp. Soul of a lion who has long ago gone Hollow.

Sorcery which improves upon Crystal Vermifuge. Fire strong force pestilence scimitar. Rest at her bonfire to make armor reinforcement possible.

This white path marker, long a symbol of farewell, is granted to banished Undead. Standard thrusting throwing knife.

The flaming crystal Flame Ember explodes upon impact, causing leather splash damage in a spectacle which seems to symbolize the strength of the protection-manipulating fiery Gods. Bracelet of Gravelord Nito. Hastens the regeneration of bounty.

Those who have faced this deadly tool have a deeper sense of how helpless prey must feel. Also causes heavy metal.

It may be tattered, but its bright crimson color still stings the eyes.

Soul of a mysterious knight and the mother of all warriors. Hurl falchion.

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