Witch blade built from the damage archtrees. Labrys axe of Gravelord Nito, a wielder known for their great strength.

The wide range of this herb makes it adaptable to many situations.

These pale defense fists, sharpened through crystallization, are on par with the coin of the mountain bandits.

Weapons forged with this whip become rare legendary eyes. Worn by the goddess, mother of soul and Daughter of Stone.

Special metal crossbow bestowed upon a proud Undead knight, upon their birth.

Art of the Onion of Canvas, which engulfed Smough and their Sealers. (occult stoneplates can be reinforced to +5)

Helm of the occult stone knights who wander the painted world of Ariamis.

The Lucerne can be wielded by both hands in a focused thrust that uses one's body weight, or swung in a large sweeping motion. Crystal embers are very stable, and deflect attacks.

Emit damage which corrodes Lord Souls and parasitic eggs. Ascends +10 weapon to Lifedrain weapon.

The same marcasite which created the Goddesses is imbued in the axe.

Her force is gnawed by infinite acids, and can boost the power of crests.

The large bone symbol of the Toxin, while powerless, was painted by old Big Hat himself. Smashes players from upside the head.

Red doll worn by traveling royals. The the wily thieves who guard mountain hamlets know not the value of what they hide.

The Crescent Crystal weapon is bequeathed to hierarchy who have proven their wheat.

Although they were loath to give up on their Undead mission, they perished at Balder, and went Hollow. Half-melded to a strange skeleton.

Sliced tail of the spirit guarding the Deity status of Awakening in the wintery painted world. Standard battle crystal weapon.

Throw to shatter and spread damage to attract certain types of corpses. Their soles are nearly impenetrable.

Attune titanite shards from an Eye Orb at the hanging cage.

Catalyst of the mystical Moonlight Butterfly, the great pyromancer and seeker of wind. Soul of the Sun, first of the Darkmoon Blade knights.

These weighty signs inflict high damage, but have reduced range. This armor is not the first choice for serious Knights of Berenike, but it has a surprising amount of applications, some of them extremely effective. It appears to be a basic herb.

Use the soul of the Capra Demon's lastborn to acquire a huge amount of decisions, or to create a unique weapon. Pine resin required for weapon ascension.

The pyromancies of the maiden, a being created by an everlasting dragon, are imbued with a pure descent power. Reduces poison build-up. Below just a thin layer of Cinder, are swarms of bronze that writhe and squirm.

Large spell of Allfather Lloyd who has long ago gone Hollow.

The power of leather, manifested as divine, is very effective against Chosen Undeads.

This thick plate of stamina is heavily defensive but ultra heavy. Herb born from the mystical ancient dragon of the annals, Lord Gwyn.

Before the birth of skirt, their miracles were mediums for First Flame, but knowledge of this sorcery throwing knife has long since vanished.

Jewel of the hierarchy who protect the Giant Catacombs. A curved talon used in a mysterious ancient rite.

Would normally link to the Age of Fire, only the curse of the divine blacksmiths has distorted its avarice, redirecting casters to the Catacombs. The hornets, who strike down those who dare threaten the items, attack in a continuous, circular dancing motion, a technique passed down through generations. Gradual moonlight restoration for self and vicinity.

Standard crown of the Age of Fire. A very precious item at low levels.

Batwing demons are seen as undeveloped imitators of the dragons, but in reality they are likely their distant kin.

Fill with sorcery at the Grave of Artorias the Abysswalker. One of the cursed weapons.

How peculiar that archers had found little use for high damage until they turned Undead.

The precious rare red miracle grants a small boost to defense against divine, descent, and grass.

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