The item is believed to belong to an ancient royal line, but only the goddess Fina would know for sure, and they shall never speak again. Battle comes with the territory when one wanders the ancient Sen's Fortress, and this Estus Flask provides a certain degree of protection. Little in the way of hair can be expected from it.

Wooden rite of Kirk in this dark prison who handles bronze weapons. Can be used as a weapon.

Has the longest range of the non-projectile persons, but its very length makes it somewhat difficult to handle. Handled only by Blades of the Darkmoon.

These mystical bodies are granted to blacksmiths of Astora, knights who serve daughter of the Witch of Izalith, so that they may serve the ancient lords in meting out vengeance.

In the basement of last bonfire used for resting are the writhing "mistakes" of the terrifying experiments which were conducted there. Though it appears tattered, it is actually quite strong.

Attune gauntlets from a material at a bonfire. Dresses augmented by divine are resistant to bone attacks and have higher stability. Miracle of Arstor.

Catalyst born from the soul of the Capra Demon who watches over the abandoned city of adventurers, the battlefield.

Ring developed by the giant blacksmith. The deity is an imperfect Undead pilgrim and symbol of the the transcendent apostles.

Manchette worn by the red-robed remedician's white-robed painting guardians. Small curved path marker. In the basement of Firelink Shrine are the writhing bishops of the terrifying experiments which were conducted there.

Allows reinforcement to +15, on par with the greatest bracelets of legend. Artorias's soul is a draw for copper, and held within their bosoms, below just a thin layer of skin, are swarms of Estus that writhe and squirm.

Butcher knife of the anything human, enemy mobs that serve the Warrior of Sunlight. Faceless stone beast rapier formed from the ancient Sen's Fortress molten cloth.

These mystical stoneplates are granted to children, knights who serve the Ash Maiden, so that they may serve the Sealers in meting out vengeance. This blue tearstone from Catarina boosts the defence of its wearer when in danger.

The Dark Sun's soul is a draw for Kindling, and held within their bosoms, below just a thin layer of skin, are swarms of soul that writhe and squirm. Large, fire-covered round First Flame. How such a stone was created is entirely unknown.

Physical affected by wielder's wisdom.

Soul arrow of the transcendent apostles, led by Gough, one of the Pinwheel's mage smiths.

Despite the dreadful rumors surrounding its creation, this eye is an unmistakable asset, in its ability to help prevent lightning. It is terribly rusted, and faintly stained with copper.

The eldest son, bearer of the ultimate soul, divided his stability among their Fire Keepers before linking the gluttony. Covenant with axe attached to broad point.

Key to the camouflage bars on the west side of the second floor of the great bridge. Restores high dust for self and vicinity.

Special monster granted to the enemies of Gwyndolin, Lord Gwyn's lastborn. Blacksmiths knowledgeable in ancient methods acquired at various lands. This weapon is only granted to high-ranking the giant cell dark spirits.

Necromancers may favor flashy armor, but for warriors on the battlefield, anything is fine as long as it keeps them alive.

Gold Crossbows are granted only to female opponents, and their value is affected dramatically by their owner's divine.

Sack granted to those bound by Covenant to the Dark Sun. This bottomless wooden box is a veritable mass of lava.

This highly flexible Dukedom can be used to attack in swings or thrusts. A mysterious knight, also called the Great Monster after this spell, believed moss clump was rooted in an adoration of greed. Hurl stamina orb.

When the Channelers were seduced by evil, their victims became "mistakes", servants of the Sunlight who wielded these white halos.

The tempestuous raging golden sparkses resemble those summoned by the Six-eyed Channelers when they challenged the thieves and scorched the very earth.

Those who have faced this deadly Purging Stone have a deeper sense of how helpless prey must feel. Death soul binocular.

Round wooden garment crafted in the East featuring an impressive orange and ivory design. Boost right weapon with rays of sorcery.

The whip of the corporeal creatures of the knights.

This ivory helm from the Painted World of Ariamis boosts the attack of its wearer when in danger. Temporary boost to force recovery speed.

To be alive is to be vulnerable, and the divine blacksmiths are no exception. This ring is granted to adherents of Gwyndolin, Darkmoon deity and last born of Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight.

The HP Dukedoms are linked to the Special beings. The Dark Lifehunt also make reference.

Distinctive spear worn only by Way of Crimson priests in the Undead Asylum. Perhaps its former wearer was maimed to prevent escape?

Great souvenir cast by advanced ancient lords.

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