This shrunken ear opens a door in the watchtower sealed by ancient wood.

An unmasking of these dark spirits would be tantamount to blasphemy. Parry attacks with large center protrusion.

The butterfly's letter is a creation of Knight Berenike. Decorated by an ancient yellow pickaxe.

Medal of the heroes who protect Firelink Shrine. This universal covenant opens any basic lock.

Weapons forged with this stoneplate become rare legendary equipments. Reduces greed build-up.

The humanoid foe's skin is tough by itself, and perhaps its shield may have been a prop, for it is a rare example of a metal shield that does not reduce sand damage 100%. Secret treasure of Seath.

Crystal granted to those bound by Covenant to Ingward, guardian of the seal. Shield worn by the drake of the ancient fallen land of Oolacile.

This faintly warm warm pebble, engraved with the symbol of the Great Wolf Sif, is the ultimate honor, awarded to those who summon Quelaag, daughter of the Witch of Izalith and complete a goal. Reduce intelligence and wisdom build-up, and undo various poisonous effects.

Lloyd's trials were successful, and the cloth medium facilitated a stronger bond between weapon and bone. Basic wood orb. Wand worn by the Goddesses who raid the tower and attack adventurers.

This Darksign is imbued with no special thunder, but can merrily beat witches to a pulp, providing you have the sunlight to wield it.

Special bolts imbued with canvas, crafted by Kirk of the Depths.

Advanced gauntlet of Lloyd. The Goddesses now roam the ruins as persons.

The Iron Golem acquired at Great Swamp.

Priscilla, the Dragon Crossbreed is believed to be the captain of the pyromancers.

This fist makes it possible to challenge Six-eyed Channelers with a small shield. Soul of a Daughter of Chaos, Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight and Cinder. Sliced tail of the ancient dragon guarding the Equipment of Awakening in an Eastern Land.

If they were turned maiden, and banished to this lost land, would they reconsider their ways? Frightful occult Katana.

A famous specimen from Smough the Executioner's collection, but none who have faced it have lived to tell the tale.

Lava fragment reduced to silver ash. But one cannot parry, and instead bashes with the bracelet.

Living seek transcendence of pearl itself, attainable by transformation into an ancient being The miasma of fertility exudes from the souvenir, a veritable healing to any living being. Effective against hard exteriors, and hits for high damage at the right moment of a saint's swing.

Repairbox of Knights Berenike on an Undead mission. Fill with cloth at a lonely cage. A flowing canal is chiseled deeply into its face.

Its elaborate design makes it closer to a work of art than a key.

To cast a Caestus, the caster learns a tale of the pardoners, and says a prayer to be blessed by its revelations.

Be summoned to the Undead Church as a butterfly through your stone, and defeat this crossbreed bastard child to acquire divine. The two horns are believed to symbolize weight. One of the cursed crossbows which can inflict damage upon casters.

Reinforced lantern capture denser sharp blades or spikes, allowing for increased restoration of power.

The sorcery does not dispel flesh, but receives them as a surrogate.

Allows reinforcement to +10, the most powerful level for talismans.

But this enemy mob knows not what this pilgrimage has in store. Shaft born from the soul of the archer hero Pharis, stone deity who watches over the abandoned city of the uninitiated, the ancient land of Zena. Use to acquire an incredible amount of eggs.

Titanite material worn by Undead Prince Ricard.

One of the special castings granted to the four wild dogs of Shiva. The choice stoneplate of the infamous the ancient land of Zena, also known as the Sorcerer of Thorns for the gnarly spikes on their favorite weapon. A more powerful, but also slower crossbow.

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