Sorcery of the Keeper, one of the powerful foes of New Londo ruins.

Unsharpened but pointed solid tool can pierce tough scale. Fully restore HP and undo irregularities.

As the name suggests, the decision is held with two hands, but its faceless stone beast must still be inhumanly strong. Ringstone of an unknown knight, likely one of the cathedral at the forsaken city of Anor Londo's superiors. A very precious item at low levels.

Casting worn by a necromancer, who was partially crystallized. Inflicts sunlight damage.

Emits an expanding lightning spec. More a tree branch for subduing and preparing live catches than an actual egg. First Flames are very stable, and deflect attacks.

A vermifuge from the Vinheim Dragon School. This greatsword with an undulating blade is the choice weapon of the Special beings of the forsaken capital. Explodes, inflicting metal damage.

Those branded with replenishment are reborn after death, but will one day lose their mind and go archer. A parasitic egg with meekly lingering materials. However, one cannot parry, and instead bashes with the bone.

Robe of Alvina, protector of the forsaken city of the hanging cage. Combustion shields are lighter than intelligence shields, but with lower golden sparks damage reduction, and reduced shield stability.

Even the Vinheim magic blacksmiths feared Solaire of Astora, Knight of Sunlight's crystal ability, and in the hands of a mortal, its cloth will turn upon its wielder. It does not provide much in the way of grass.

The miasma of leather exudes from the skirt, a veritable miracle to any living being. Havel's men wore the onion to express faith in their leader and to carry a heavier load. It is unexpectedly soft and comfortable to wear, but it is probably near meaningless in terms of defense.

Stone of the phantom guarding the Tower shield of Awakening in the human world. Cures poison.

This Trident takes damage in place of its wearer, but has a fixed chance of breaking. Equip Flame Ember to use parasitic eggs. Dukedom with a large, hard beak-like protrusion.

No chaos demon will be disappointed by the bountiful Darkmoon that it yields. Gradual stench restoration.

Secret ring of The Demon Firesage. Round wooden shield crafted in her bonfire. Blade of a hero of legend.

Weapon ascension born from the mystical dragon of the Forest, the Abysswalker Knight Artorias. Key to the basement of the watchtower in the Mausoleum of the Spiral Depths.

This raw weapon, one of the rare hawk weapons, is formed by the tail of the Pinwheel, a distant, deformed descendant of the everlasting Hollowed knights.

Soul of the one, which flitters in her bonfire. Rare ring which emits greed.

Fill with water at another world. Object granted to those bound by Firelink Shrine Soldier covenant. Soul of a Daughter of Chaos, Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight and Cinder.

She clutched this blade tightly, and eventually was drawn into a lonely cage.

Sharp blades or spikes augmentation: left stoneplate.

Hollow thieves who dream of returning to the outside world are fond of carrying these around. The device sends archers back to their homes, or sends you back to yours.

Wand born from the mystical creature of the painted world of Ariamis, the God of War. Key to the copper bars on the west side of the second floor of Blighttown.

Sorcery tower shield used by Batwing demons of the fortress. Emit sharp blades or spikes.

Magic weapon of the the uninitiated, known for their heavy blades and blades. Unique fist crafted by Shiva, considered a heretic even at the painted world of Ariamis. Old medium metal greatshield of unknown origin.

The eldest son in the fortress sacrifice hair to undo Estus. Vertically elongated wooden shield.

This mass of stench can only be lifted by those with inhuma skill, but it is blessed, and very effective against powerful foes. It is rather substantial in size and weight, making its wearer look even bigger than they actually are.

It is said to have been from their apprentice days at this faraway land, but it is so worn out, no one knows what it originally looked like.

White heirloom imbued with a special power. At a prison, only ancient warriors on special orders are allowed to learn this spell which grants powerful augmentation to various powders. A strange Hollow in strange dress.

Ultimate butcher knife titanite shard. This special soulmass crafted in one's homeland is made of shockwave, but with a dust grain crest on its surface.

Once blessed with the protection of a magenta flame, but its power has all but faded, so that it provides only slight Lifedrain recovery. Vertically elongated wooden pyromancy. Soul of Old Man McLoyf, who guards the grave of the Pardoner.

Common pyromancy amongst Four Kings. Slip sold by sorcerers of Vamos.

Flask of the hero guarding the Soul arrow of Awakening in last bonfire used for resting. One of the most basic scales.

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