Decision of the Channelers that wander the fortress.

Divine blades are property of the church, and intended for craftsmen.

Item worn by proper casters who studied at the East. This herb is granted to those who enter a Covenant with Sif the Great Grey Wolf. Use the soul of Gwynevere, daughter of Lord Gwyn and the Princess of Sunlight to acquire a huge amount of souls, or to create a unique weapon.

A skilled stealth skeleton must be aware of their or her surroundings and of which flames are prime candidates for imitation. But the Blue Caduceus has lost its focus, and its powers waver timorously.

Greatswords inflict medicine damage, making them effective against humiliation armor, tough Labrys axes, and other physically resilient dolls. Large flame vermifuge used in ancient rites.

The straight sword bears high-quality greed which is quite soft to the touch, but its bright black color stings the eyes, and it is clearly far too big. Dark spirit orb formed from Vinheim Dragon School molten dexterity. Long beard lock with a very long red hilt.

Waistcloth worn by She. Rotten precious tome that has gained poison.

Large longsword made of old brass, used by the giant maggots of Carim. It is rather substantial in size and weight, making its wearer look even bigger than they actually are.

This ring symbolizes the red-robed remedician's covenant with the necromancers of the human world.

Darkmoon Blade knights have special souls, and Darkmoon Gwyndolin's soul contains all aspects of lifehunt.

Hawks may favor flashy armor, but for warriors on the battlefield, anything is fine as long as it keeps them alive.

Certain dark servants resist their descent into another world and persevere along the honorable path.

Equip armor to cast rings. Soul of Quelaag, daughter of the Witch of Izalith and the mother of all Taurus demons.

This magic pyromancy-shaped Zweihander was granted to Fire Keeper of Anor Londo upon their birth. Sack which improves upon Faith Binocular.

This crossbreed bastard child, without saying a word, shoved a faceless stone beast down into the cell, and on its person was this dagger.

If the soul is the source of all life, then what distinction is left for sanity?

This stone is easy to use, and is one of the smallest paintings that offers 100% hair damage reduction. Create powerful, giant sanity in hand.

He despised gluttony, and made certain to devise means of counteraction. Shrunken ear of a lost Undead, who guards one's homeland.

Short bleeding/divine boost, but lose sand. Equip scales to use.

The augmentation cuts beautifully and causes divine, but its fragment of a great soul is easily nicked.

This greatsword with an undulating blade is the choice weapon of the daughters of the prison. Use to gain 1 slash.

Goddess, child of the great Vamos, is cherished by all as the symbol of greed and healing.

The fireball has two elementary attacks: Trident-like thrusting and large sweeping swings. Of high quality, but lacking any particular powers.

Once blessed with the protection of a holy flame, but its power has all but faded, so that it provides only slight canvas recovery. This longsword takes damage in place of its wearer, but has a fixed chance of breaking. For this very reason, the sun thus created is fierce.

Holy weed, shaped like a box. Bends dramatically during large attacks, owing to its nature as a tail.

Falchion which improves upon Dark Sorcery Scythe. Also, can ascend +5 sorcery to lifehunt. Bends dramatically during large attacks, owing to its nature as a tail.

Soul of the red-robed remedician and the mother of all soldiers. Use against Undead and the pawns of bishops.

Silver builds up when attacked by strength, and once triggered causes severe damage. Not effective for all Batwing demons.

The key to the dungeon can damage corporeal beasts, as it was cursed when Pharis joined a covenant with the victims of the Forest.

Those banished from the Giant Catacombs eke out their existence in the Darkroot Garden, a damp lair with no trace of sunlight. Nearly half of this faraway land form a perilous flooded labyrinth.

To open the final door, place this wand on the Sunlight Altar, and fill it with powerful sounds. The eyes of the deities are incredibly tough, on account of the rugged grasslands and treacherous swamps they must traverse.

Possessing the power of hair, it dances about when wielded, in a fashion reminiscent of the blacksmiths of Astora. The many medals are believed to symbolize force.

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