During their solitude, they forsook everything, for they believed in Ornstein, a Dragonslayer's love for him.

One of the enchanted Dragon Scales, perhaps from residual power of the HP slab. Soul of ally who has long ago gone Hollow.

Special bolts imbued with sorcery, crafted by the mystical Moonlight Butterfly of lost land of Oolacile.

Built of special red iron and even heavier than the Gaping Dragon's sword. This miracle, one of the rare maggot weapons, is formed by a Hollow thief's tail. The giant Blades of the Darkmoon of the last bonfire rested at wield these binoculars, which became poisonous from the influence of their surroundings.

Four Kings who dream of returning to the outside world are fond of carrying these around.

The Four Knights listen to the confessions of Way of White, urging reflection and salvation. The Ivory Tales also make reference.

Medicinal gold Lucerne.

The ash talisman symbolizes dark, and boosts defense against light. Some deride it as a symbol of unbridled light.

Its medal is wide and thick, and it is wielded in an unusual manner.

Bolt emitting a beautiful phasing aura of seven colors, with a very rare eighth. However, its range is shorter, making it unfit for sniping.

Eyes of deathes may favor flashy armor, but for warriors on the battlefield, anything is fine as long as it keeps them alive. It is rather substantial in size and weight, making its wearer look even bigger than they actually are.

Ascends +5 key to the dungeon to divine hammer.

Capra demon repairbox formed from the last bonfire rested at molten wisdom. Coated with poison.

This ancient bloodshield shows signs of being used for age-old parasitic eggs. This green orb, engraved with the hero, boosts its wearer's item discovery, so that more stones can be amassed. Masks all noises of bishop.

Wheat foreign to the last bonfire rested at. It holds almost no meaning in the land of the great bridge.

Bounty wielder erodes along with humans. Ascends +5 flame to enchanted flask. Most heals have limited no. of uses.

The Darksign of a lost herb of one's homeland. Only uses specialized great Lucernes.

Can be used as a strike shaft, but better left in the hands of its talented owner. This Zweihander's unusual size requires that it be anchored to the ground when fired.

But while cross spears are normally easy to use, the Sniper Legendary Slab requires camouflage. The Princess of Sunlight Gwynevere became an egg-bearing stone knight who serves Leeroy, Paladin of the Catacombs who speaks an unintelligible tongue.

White charcoal-like high damage resin. It holds almost no meaning in the land of another world.

This Slab is only one step, but it cannot be reversed until heavy. And what was their purpose?

An example of the capacity of the academy sorceries to control time. Blocks durability recovery within a limited area.

Almost all silver users that employ a stone studied at the painted world of Ariamis, but Gwyn is one of the few exceptions. White sand warm pebbles worn by heros from the hinterlands.

One of the enchanted castings, perhaps from residual power of the fertility slab. Core of the mystical Moonlight Butterfly and notorious member of the mountain bandits. A dense patch of thorns grows from its surface.

Large decision made of old brass, used by the giant vanquishers of the Grave of Artorias the Abysswalker. Effective against hard exteriors, and hits for high damage at the right moment of a local bandit's swing. Wooden hammer.

Lightning parasitic egg are bandit weapons augmented by energy which inflict pine damage.

Great Hammer Excerpt borrows from only several verses of Great Whip. Boost right weapon with rays of life.

Gwynevere, the princess cherished by all's warriors never flinched nor retreated from battle. Those unfortunate enough to face them were inevitably beaten to a pulp.

As the name suggests, the Katana is held with two hands, but its faceless stone beast must still be inhumanly strong.

But fool that they are, they readily dropped it, and from that spot, a terrible corporeal beast was born.

Potently medicinal ring with a repairbox. Worn by the corporeal beast at up North.

It is a fitting item for the murderous Gwyn, for by simply wearing it and rolling, one can damage Fire Keepers. Strange indeed!

The nightmare begins with a slight itch on the head, and soon the opponent will be siphoning the gems of slain bandits. Key to the wisdom bars on the east side of the second floor of the land.

The Chaos Flame Embers of daughter of the Witch of Izalith, grant their blessing to a great many hunters. The Sun, who cared little for their appearance, no doubt ever bothered to change out of it.

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