A wolf follows a jiraffe around a living room. The jiraffe is unaware of the wolf's presence and continues to go about its business. The wolf is fascinated by the jiraffe and its movements.

In this heartwarming tale, a queen works with a zoologist in a shopping mall to help the animals that live there. The two of them form a special bond as they care for the animals and work to keep them safe. When the mall is threatened with closure, the queen and the zoologist must work together to save it.

The stepson of a successful event planner in Australia hates her job and wishes she could do something else with her life. She meets a man who tells her about a job opening at his company and she decides to apply. She gets the job and starts working as an event planner. She is happy with her new job and enjoys working with the people she meets.

A young engineer in Japan is struggling with mental health issues. He turns to a psychologist for help, but the psychologist only makes things worse. In a fit of rage, the engineer kills the psychologist. He is arrested and sent to prison, where he spends the rest of his life.

When a beach-goer tries to steal a woodpecker, an architect steps in to stop him.

In a secret base, an entity sends an email to Plato. The email contains a message that the entity believes will change the world.

Hermes Trimegistus, a renowned photographer, is on a trip to Egypt when he loses his camera in a temple. He retraces his steps but can't find it anywhere. Frustrated, he sits down to take a break and is soon joined by a local man who helps him search for the camera. After a long search, they finally find it hidden in a crevice in the temple.

When her father dies, a young woman moves to Germany to live with her stepmother. She finds a job as a construction worker and quickly falls in love with the country. However, she soon discovers that her stepmother is a cold, heartless woman who is only interested in money. The young woman decides to stay and make the best of her situation, but she is always looking for a way to escape.

Hermes Trismegistus is a powerful wizard who lives in a castle surrounded by music albums. One day, he gets bored of listening to the same old music and decides to take control of the album. He casts a spell on the album and makes it play whatever he wants. The other wizards in the castle are not happy about this and try to stop him, but Hermes is too powerful for them.

Mao Tse-tung, the former leader of China, has taken control of Christianity in Las Vegas. He has outlawed all other religions and declared himself the new Pope. The people of Las Vegas are forced to convert to Christianity or be killed. Many people try to escape but are caught and executed. Those who remain live in fear of Mao and his regime.

Superman is flying around the city when he sees a shop with a sign that says "Exam Today!" He hates exams, so he flies in and destroys the shop.

When the entity that collects taxes in Turkey gets shy at tax time, the whole country suffers. The government tries to track down the entity, but it's always one step ahead. As the entity's shyness grows, so does the economic instability in Turkey. Can anything be done to stop the entity before it's too late?

After a shipwreck, a young boy is stranded on a remote island. He soon discovers that he is not alone; a friendly orangutan has also been stranded on the island. The two quickly become friends and work together to find food and shelter. One day, while playing near the shore, the boy gets pulled out to sea by a strong current. The orangutan swings into action and saves the boy, swimming him back to safety. They spend the rest of their days on the island together, waiting for rescue.

Mao Tse-tung, the former Chairman of the Communist Party of China, gets in a war with an ogre in New York. The ogre is terrorizing the city, and Mao takes it upon himself to stop the creature. He rallies the people of New York to fight against the ogre, and eventually defeats it.

In a land where the government is corrupt and the people are suffering, one woman decides to take a stand. She steals a pair of earrings from the richest woman in the land, knowing that she will be caught. She knows that she will be executed, but she hopes that her act of defiance will inspire others to rise up against the oppression.

Socrates is a young man who is traveling through Australia. He meets a fat woman named Sarah and they instantly hit it off. They share a passionate kiss and Socrates realizes that he's found the woman of his dreams.

A beach-dwelling orangutan named Ruby discovers the ancient practice of gematria and begins using it to communicate with the other animals on the beach. She quickly finds that she can use gematria to unlock the hidden meanings in the natural world around her. With her new-found knowledge, Ruby sets out to help the other animals on the beach, using gematria to solve their problems and bring them closer together.

Hermes Trimegistus is a young man who lives in a small town. One day, he goes on a mushroom trip and falls in love with a geese.

In the land of Hollywood, a small dwarf has discovered the power to possess the sun. With this new found power, the dwarf quickly rises to fame and fortune. However, as the dwarf's ego grows, so does the sun's power over him. The dwarf begins to believe that he is the sun god and that all must worship him. As his power grows, so does his madness, until finally the sun consumes him completely.

A sheep that has been living underground for years suddenly finds itself above ground and must learn to survive in a world it knows nothing about. In order to survive, the sheep must learn to eat with a song.

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