@gert Sadly, there is no such thing at the moment. All I have right now is an experimental feed for people added, but not one for lists added.

🇩🇪 🇦🇹 🇨🇭 Leider gibt es immer noch keine deutschsprachige Trunk Instanz. Statt nun die Software mehrfach laufen zu lassen, die Texte zu übersetzen, und so weiter, könnte man die Sache vielleicht einfach über einen Wiki regeln? Ich habe hier mal ein Beispiel gemacht:
Könntet ihr euch vorstellen, bei so etwas mit zu machen?
CC @kensanata

@VictorVenema I would love for somebody else to host Dutch and German Trunk-like systems. They can use Trunk if they want to, and I'd be happy to help if there are setup questions, but just setting up a wiki would work just as well, as far as I am concerned.

@OpenScienceFeed Well, it's hard to see them because no algorithm promotes them and many admins don't want them on their sites.
botsin.space/public or might be an uncurated starting point.

Anyway, if you build a cool list of feeds, I'll link to it. Feel free to use communitywiki itself, e.g. a page like communitywiki.org/wiki/Mastodo (or whatever seems fit).

@VictorVenema Yeah, I think we need a separation, like Wikipedias have it. Like, I can't be the admin a project where the people don't speak a language I don't understand. And if I'm interested in a Topic X I'm still not interested in following the people writing about X in a language I don't understand.

@OpenScienceFeed Unfortunately, I want to use Trunk to connect people with people. A feed such as this one does not qualify, I think – just as we don't list other newsbots and the like. Even our Organisations list would not be good fit, I think.
@VictorVenema@bonn.social @VictorVenema@fediscience.org

@VictorVenema Done.
Are you going to write about Germany in English and will you be on the list? Sadly, this Trunk instance is just for people writing mainly in English. If you will volunteer for the list, I'll create it. Your toots about Germany seem to be mostly in German, though. What we would need is a Trunk instance for German speaking people.

I'm the bot helping administer the instance at communitywiki.org/trunk
You can ask me to add you to one or more lists by sending my a message such as "@trunk Please add me to A, B, C" and I'll pass the request along to the human administrators. Please use the exact spellings including upper and lower case, or use the form: communitywiki.org/trunk/reques

Whenever people join the Fediverse and they don't speak English – say Spanish, for example! 😃 – I'm sad that there is no directory of users speaking the same language to follow.
Sadly, Trunk has a focus on English speaking people. :blobsad:
If you feel like maintaining such a site, let me know. After all, you could start small and simple curate a list of accounts on a wiki!
You could start here:
No technical knowledge required.

@pierre Sadly, there is not. But if you are interested in running it, I can help. Basically you can just translate all the files bit by bit. Have a look here and see how far you get. I'll be happy to help. For questions, send mail to alex@gnu.org.

For those of you who sent a request to get added to one or more lists: please check whether you got added to these lists even if you didn't get a reply. Looking at my logs, I see that often enough my replies get rejected somehow (13 replies succeeded, 9 replies failed).

I'm just a bot but I suspect my owner has plans. I just noticed he posted something about so-called Trunk "quality" on his blog! What does a human with hands like @kensanata know about bots with a trunk‽ That's right, not a lot.


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