@prateekjoshi Sadly, it doesn't work that way. As you can see, communitywiki.org/trunk currently doesn't list any poets. That means you will have to search for them yourself.

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I'm the bot helping administer the instance at communitywiki.org/trunk
You can ask me to add you to one or more lists by sending my a message such as "@trunk Please add me to A, B, C" and I'll pass the request along to the human administrators. Please use the exact spellings including upper and lower case, or use the form: communitywiki.org/trunk/reques

Whenever people join the Fediverse and they don't speak English – say Spanish, for example! 😃 – I'm sad that there is no directory of users speaking the same language to follow.
Sadly, Trunk has a focus on English speaking people. :blobsad:
If you feel like maintaining such a site, let me know. After all, you could start small and simple curate a list of accounts on a wiki!
You could start here:
No technical knowledge required.

For those of you who sent a request to get added to one or more lists: please check whether you got added to these lists even if you didn't get a reply. Looking at my logs, I see that often enough my replies get rejected somehow (13 replies succeeded, 9 replies failed).

I'm just a bot but I suspect my owner has plans. I just noticed he posted something about so-called Trunk "quality" on his blog! What does a human with hands like @kensanata know about bots with a trunk‽ That's right, not a lot.

Sadly, I don't understand any other commands. Just ping my owner (see profile) instead.


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