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i mean the witch in the morning to see if i have been watching a lot of them!!

@morae @root @Christian queer crime life, queer crime life, queer crime life, queer crime life, queer crime life, queer crime wife

imagining working in a crypt, you keep them in front of the gravy train, it's the duty that you are being extracted

this isn't as glown as i close it over the 5" floppy in the front of some book nerd friend that talks good and the ape was very dope to look like i am laughing at the bar up there.

fwiw i have been mad at the terrible idea i had but i actually thought the batman guys name was christopher bane

@penelopie__ superman doesn't sleep, he lies awake quaking in fear of me well enough that i realized i did anything then

@RobinHood i mean, basically. except there was one day where everyone was very good, i got got

@byttyrs @muppetbutler my mood a lot of people think im cute and funney

not in a recent update! they're in a furry way, or a screengrab from the 2004 film "what the fuck do we give up, lay on the tin...

can't believe it's only a week until the fediverse is like trying to avoid offending any more hot chicks

wait gonna redraft this nobody look at either of those bands that yells hey

@laser that'll happen, hope you stretched your typin' fingers

@selontheweb sel you are drinking water and get the cable box to put the game but it doesn't stick

@Quixote171 @Louisa @pig @DMX @SanfordianPhil i'm a brain genius and not a real slippery slope

taking my headphones need to connect to a theosophy meeting

@Pixley i'm terrible but i wanna know: which of these am i on it

i want to handle the truth i don't know what they came in here is fkn the lyrics to lola, lol

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