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Benjamin: Don't try to tell me hamster facts. I already know all of them.

Jadzia: You are welcome to stay here Odo. But please refrain from making faces.

Jadzia: People come here to reinvent themselves.
Jadzia: Is that why you're here Worf? To reinvent yourself?
Worf: Why would I mess with perfection?

Benjamin: If you know you know.
Kira: I don’t know.
Benjamin: You no know?
Kira: No. I mean yes? I... no know.

Jadzia: I was never one to hold a grudge. My father held grudges.
Jadzia: I'll always hate them for that.

Kira: When I smile at people they should smile back.
Kira: I'm not smiling for my benefit. I'm doing it for them.

Worf: Did you just call me 'mon chou'?
Odo: Can't I call you that?
Worf: Odo you can call me whatever you like.
Odo: Okay Buster Hyman.

Miles: Hypothetically what would you do if you were suspected of attempted assassination of Prince Namby-pamby. And other crimes?

Ezri: I’m not saying it’s not bad. It’s bad.
Ezri: But it could be worse.

Miles: I didn't attend the good space academy.
Miles: For most of my training we sold smoke grenade insurance to old men.

Worf: This isn't stalking Benjamin. It's just good old-fashioned chivalry!

Odo: I am tired of being gossiped about just because I smell like a dalmatian and have a terrible vibe.

Ezri: I am going to stab the next Trill who steps through that transporter.

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