Worf: What’s so great about the USS Bumfuzzle?
Odo: It can fly in reverse.
Worf: That’s not possible!

Ezri: Never plug an open wound with fruit. Trust me on this.

Miles: The Ensign who visited you today was Ty Knotts.
Miles: A Tribble assassin sent to kill you.

Jadzia: Whenever I try to make a taco I get too excited and break it.

Odo: I love you.
Julian: You never loved me not even close. Get on your knees.

Benjamin: Odo do you know what people are saying behind your back?
Odo: Nice ass?
Benjamin: Yes.
Odo: Finally!

Miles: What do you even do at Starfleet Academy?
Benjamin: Check the syllabus and go to bed. In that order.

Jadzia: Odo I've found that when it comes to doing what's best for you
Jadzia: you have the distressing habit of doing the exact opposite.

Odo: What do you want?
Garak: I want your recipe for Changling soup. The thing with the asparaguses and the devil-tiger meat.
Odo: I know what a Changling soup is.
Garak: Well this is an emergency. Vic likes it. So? Come on!

Ezri: For this mission to the energy cloud can I get a watch with a laser in it?
Benjamin: No.

Quark: Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending
Quark: she turned into a butterfly.
Ezri: I'm not a imbecilic insect Quark.

Miles: Jadzia every single detail about your life is deeply disturbing.
Miles: And yet somehow I envy you.

Quark: Don't be ridiculous. Lwaxana? She's just being nice.
Garak: Because she wants to go to town on you.
Quark: No. she was nice to you too. She said the thing about your hair and the uniform.
Garak: Ahh yeah. An avalanche of compliments.

Kira: Just because you're gonna be my wife doesn't mean you have to dress like it.

Benjamin: When I was little my uncle would buy me a Mr. Donald Duc.
Jadzia: Excuse me?
Benjamin: Oh it’s what you Trills call an ice cream.

Worf: If I have a dream about you I expect you to feel it.
Miles: What?
Worf: We just shared an adventure Miles don't be rude.

Jadzia: Did you just call me 'bae'?
Quark: Can't I call you that?
Jadzia: Quark you can call me whatever you like.
Quark: Okay Heidi Clare.


Keiko: Age is relative.
Keiko: My relatives keep reminding me of my age.

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