Miles: Be careful.
Kira: What do you mean?
Miles: You know if you see anything strange. Be careful.
Kira: What a touchingly reassuring goodbye.

Benjamin: Please don't take off your underwear in public Kira.
Kira: Why? Do you want to do it?

Garak: Can I ask you for relationship advice Worf?
Worf: Sure but the answer is going to be 'communicate' or 'break up'.

Garak: I have an unfair advantage in love because I watch so many Romulan dating shows.
Garak: I absorb information from the strategies of the winners and the losers.
Garak: Actually I probably learn more from the losers.

Odo: Love isn't about grand gestures or the moon and the stars.
Odo: It's just dumb luck.

Jadzia: That was a pretty disturbing moment between us wasn't it?
Odo: Let's never speak of it.

Garak: I wanna be No Drama Garak.
Julian: Okay fine. I'll just be No Sex Julian.

Jadzia: You look terrible Miles.
Jadzia: And I once watched you eat a Tholian pizza while you had the Ferengi flu.

Kira: You should talk to Vic.
Ezri: I don't know.
Kira: Come on Ezri. He brought you back from the dead. You lived with him. You've played Go Fish with him.
Ezri: He cheats.

Ezri: The only thing that bothers me in bed is hearing the word 'hubby'.

Julian: A place where everybody knows your name is hell. You're describing hell Miles.

Garak: I'm not gonna tell Lwaxana something's that's gonna hurt her.
Garak: I've done enough damage for one day.
Ezri: Saving it for tomorrow?

Odo: Okay I'm not cool with you and Lwaxana being a 'we'.
Julian: We?
Lwaxana: Oui.

Julian: This is Ezri's chance at having a family again.
Julian: I can't... 'tap' that Odo.

Garak: That's just Dick Finder's style. We're lucky they didn't destroy the whole station.

Julian: How was it in there?
Miles: It was total anarchy.
Miles: And by that I mean a peaceful self-organized gathering with no leadership structure.

Odo: I love everything about you Quark. Even the things I don’t like I love.
Odo: And I want you with me.
Odo: I love you and I think you love me too.
Odo: Do you?

Worf: The energy leak is causing hallucinations. We can't stay here Jadzia.
Jadzia: You're pretty smart for a giant prehistoric andrewsarchus.

Ezri: What did you say Kira?
Kira: I was asking how long ago you stopped listening?

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