when transphobes tell me to pick up a basic biology book but the basic biology book my school uses actually acknowledges the validity of trans ppl redd.it/9qmtde

all the trans people who voted Republicans right now redd.it/9qclkm

Trump on LGBTQ+ people since the dawn of human existence redd.it/9q92du

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hahahahahahaha go fuck yourself and prepare for revolution redd.it/9q7584

Cis people be like: "Why do you have to make everything about gender?" /s (x-post /r/insanepeoplefacebook) redd.it/9q4m99

Reddit dudebro: "You're always going to be the sex you were born as. That's just like...basic science." redd.it/9q501l

MFW I check the internet news and see what's happening in the USA redd.it/9q4ac5

When you see an article on /r/news about a transwoman winning a sport being "controversial" redd.it/9q2mte

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