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Haha sucks for you trans people. Thankfully I’m cis. I mean seriously who stays awake every night fantasizing about re-doing their life as the opposite gender? Not me haha weirdos

The Comic currently on the Front Page: Part Two!

How it feels to be pre everything going out in gender confirming clothes. (Dumb Nier Meme)

LOOK at this Chain-mail pride flag...LOOK AT IT!!!

When you join r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns as a ftm and are first disappointed by the majority mtf content, but then start to feel a great sense of respect and solidarity with the transwomen redditors with their A+ content

39: When the headmaster of the all-boys boarding school I went to 3 years ago sends me an unexpected email telling me he cares deeply about me as a student and wishes me the best in becoming the young woman I am, meanwhile my parents deny my existence, mitigate expression, and try to “fix” me.

MFW I realise that the massive crush I have on a girl might actually be confused with an immense desire to be her and my entire grasp on perception is thrown into the ether.

op missed the best stage of all where you can finally chew it

I got a tarot reading from my friend I'm not out to today. It said I belonged to the "house of queens", and he teased me a bit saying it meant I had "feminine energy and had motherly tendencies".

When you have your first lesbian experience with another transgirl and it's just as magical as you thought it would be

r/mtf as of lately (Nonbinary exclusionary radical feminism)

so i started watching sailor moon today and im in love with it. sorry catgirls, ive found a new aesthetic.