Gas taxes are an important source of government revenue and as federal rules push more people into electric vehicles (EV), that lost cash will need to be found somewhere, transportation and taxation experts say.

A new federal private member’s bill aims to protect your pension in the bankruptcy process if your employer ends up as the next Nortel or Sears Canada.

To prevent theft, you want to make your vehicle less appealing as a target. But, ultimately, if a thief wants your car, they’ll find a way to make it happen.

Here are some expert tips to slow down car thieves:

Pierre Poilievre, the presumptive front-runner of the Conservative leadership race, walked side by side with James Topp on Thursday, as the army reservist completed a four-month trek from Vancouver to Ottawa.

: Rogers is afraid to compete.

Competition forces incumbents to innovate, and it ultimately delivers more services and better pricing to Canadians, writes Globalive chairman Anthony Lacavera.

: As the economy becomes increasingly dematerialized, trust becomes more important to every transaction, and so people who are too obviously in it for the money find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

1Password CEO Jeff Shiner spoke to the Star about tech’s choppy waters, whether the company will ever go public, and how he’d respond if someone successfully breached his company’s security:

Accelerating inflation is blamed for the coming economic storm, but it isn’t the true culprit.

In reality, it’s not inflation, but the policy response to inflation, that is poised to derail the recovery.


A box-office hit that is in its fourth year in London’s West End, “& Juliet” is currently at Toronto’s Princess of Wales Theatre before a Broadway bow, with dates yet to be announced.

Should extremely intoxicated people be legally responsible for their actions?

Lawyers Elizabeth Sheehy and Daniel Brown debate the merits of recent a Supreme Court decision and Parliament’s reaction.

How we can practise the art of self-critique in ways that lead to growth and maturity?

These tarot readings may have the answer:

How many more deaths and decades will pass before governments officially recognize that intimate partner violence is an epidemic?

Without a strong commitment and a strict timeline for enacting change, the killing of women will continue.

Our phones are extensions of our desire to control, to see and be seen as we wish.

When we put them down, we simply offer the world a chance to impinge upon us rather than the other way around.


With soaring food prices, consumers are more price sensitive.

It’s the role of local farmers, market vendors and food agencies to create a more transparent marketplace by clearly presenting the weight of fresh produce sold.


Technological change in its most extreme form results in job losses, which, if unaddressed can become a broader social problem

Unions can be a partner in easing some of the social and economic pressures on our existing systems

by David Chartrand

⚡️ We sold our Toronto home to be mortgage free, and ended up right back in the city’s red-hot real estate market

So, what did this experience teach me?

Sometimes, the grass isn’t always greener. I had visions of a big house with a big yard and a pool but when faced with that reality, it wasn’t actually me.

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