This could be the year that the’ Julian Merryweather breaks out (if he doesn’t break down), baseball columnist writes.

Further education can mean greater life satisfaction and better pay, but understand the investment you’ll be making before jumping in, Lesley-Anne Scorgie advises.

: given the repeated performance of government agencies and meat packing companies during the pandemic we need to know more about why so many people became infected and died so it won’t happen again, writes.

: Please don’t follow Elon. He is brilliant, amazingly charismatic and a masterful promoter who is five steps ahead of us regular investors, chairman and co-proprietor of Torstar Paul Rivett writes.

The Ford government is changing the law midstream to get out from under a lawsuit and it will result in an enormous concentration of power in the hands of the minister of municipal affairs and housing.

NEW from The Maple Leafs will be looking at increasing the gap in the standings between themselves and the Winnipeg Jets when the two teams open a three-game series Tuesday night in Toronto.

Conservatives to push for ‘sector-specific’ support, including airline loans, in Liberals’ upcoming budget

: There was nothing the slightest bit surprising about the couple’s revelations of racism within the royal family in their interview with Oprah Winfrey, writes

⚡️ Bosses quit at Ryerson School of Journalism; students charge racism in open letter

Taylor said the resignations would ultimately be good for the school.

“I think that no matter how uncomfortable it is for those of us at the center of it, transformational change is good and long overdue in post-secondary education.”

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Janice Neil and Lisa Taylor, chair and associate chair, sent letters of resignation on Sunday night.

“It’s undeniable that the sooner I can step down, the better,” reads the letter signed by Taylor. “Some students don’t believe that I’m in their corner.”

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"In the face of performative actions, meaningless sentiments and prejudiced behaviour, marginalized students consistently feel silenced when trying to raise these issues behind closed doors."

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“The school has contributed to an unsafe learning environment,” the letter reads. “It has consistently resulted in perpetuated systemic racism, further traumatizing students and reinforcing the values of discrimination that Ryerson University was built on”

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Heads of Ryerson’s School of Journalism resigned Sunday before an open letter from current and former students was released that accused the school of failing to support racialized and other marginalized students.

from Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole will introduce a motion for more financial support for hospitality, tourism and charitable sectors as part of Liberals’ anticipated pandemic budget.

: In one year, Harry has gone from being a favourite for governor-general to part of the worst advertisement for the monarchy that we’ve seen on television, writes.

: For Canadian women in business, the time for patience is gone. For corporate Canada, the time for action is now. To paraphrase the prime minister: Because it’s 2021, writes Donna Smith and

Martin Regg Cohn: Doug Ford helped create a crisis for Ontario’s universities. Now it’s up to him to save them

⚡️ A social conservative group plans to force the Conservative party to change its position on abortion. Here’s how:

CLC president Jeff Gunnarson attributed the failure to get a “repeal 70” motion to the convention to “dirty tricks” from the “swamp establishment.” Now the CLC will instead try to force a vote to insert anti-abortion language into the party’s constitution.

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