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Quite the opposite, in fact
As it happens, au contraire

I'm done with it, I brought it back
Don't know anything about some other slack

Light gleams off of the marbles in the sockets where its eyes were
And every time they twinkle it's like a question from the tiger

'Cause everyone's my friend in New York City
And everything looks beautiful when you're young and pretty

No need to confess
Everyone looks naked when you know the world's address

They Might Be Giants
Here Come The ABCs!
(Children) A! B! C!

Coffee needs a refill
We're gonna build a new old car
All this by hand

But your lie doesn't rhyme with the word overseas
Overseas there's this guy

Sad Sack
Withered Hope says she has a soul mate

"The Bloodboat! Returning triumphantly to port!"
"Mighty pump, do not fail!
Push the water, let me sail!"

I'm searching for some disbelief that I can still suspend (5 4 3 2)
But never mind the furthermore; the plea is self-defense again (2 2 2 2)

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