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"What about this travel mug?" I pulled out from my sleeve

Who knew she could be so reckless? (boughs of holly)

In a world we call our home there's lots of room to roam

I hear the wind blow
I hear the wind blow
It seems to say "Hello, hello

Better hide away
Tippy toe to the flatbed, Father

I'm sure he could smile for us
Wave to the people

It's a narrow wavelength
We've devised
As I hear the distorted voice

Taurus, contemplate domestic turmoil
Aquarius, abandon hope for future plans..."
Hide away, folk family

They might be giants (boy)
They might be giants (boy)
They might be giants (boy)

I already know how great it's
I already know the ending it's
The part that makes your face implode

Get Away
The token back to Brooklyn fell between the grating
And we're just watching it sinking

I know a girl who's a natural dancer
With a cape and a hat she's a natural dancer

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