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Don't wait for an invitation
To Sleepy Hollow time

Traces of your fingernails
That run along the windows

Then turn her world upside-down
It's fun to steal
It's fun to break a heart

But she seems much bigger to me
I've never known anybody like her

Just follow the sound
That's where the four is found

Distorted and illegible
I never figured out what that was
If I couldn't then I doubt I ever will

Something hidden there
Beneath the sand
My metal detector

This is the one you chose
This is the podcast you're listening to

If curiosity has made you restless
Don't stray too far or else you may regret it

And the clock said four of two
At four of two I had a great idea
To break the chain of inactivity

All point in your direction
Can you keep a secret?
We can trust you or we can throw you

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