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Some crazy bastard wants to hit me
How has it come to this pass?
How can I get to my car?

How do you spell "T.L.A."?
First we take art that is dead
And bring it to life with electric shocks

There's no going back
She's lost from the beginning
She's the new girl

You'd probably like to give me a smack
But there's something about my face
That always keeps you coming back

Shone a fossil tooth which I must have dropped
Very long ago
Which reminded me how we wound up where we are now

Reappraisals in the air
I am 40 given a year
In Robert Lowell's electric chair

That wags the hound
D, world destruction
O-ver an overture

Lullabye to nightmares whisper low
In the night where bat wings flow
That's where all the frightmares go

Morgan In The Morning
Taking it to the bridge
Morgan In The Morning

Man, it's so loud in here
Man, it's so loud in here

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