We live in a dump
Admit it's a dump
Our friends are all nuts

Wrench in one hand
Feeling mighty
Let me at that dead machine

(Oh) she'll be waiting in Istanbul
Even old New York

In listening
To voices in my head
You don't have to say it

Hi, honey, I'm home
Hi, honey, I'm home
How was your day?

Now my tear stains on the wall
Reflect an ugly sight

Here's hoping you don't (hoping you don't)
Become a robot (clang clang)

Rock had a baby and they called it "Aaaah"
The baby had a baby, got no calls at all
Ain't no loathin'

'Cause I'm tired of living in Hell
I'm a mess

And that's where I will be
I'm gonna see the cow beneath the sea

But the signal keeps fading out
No matter which way They go

And copping all our truths
And stealing all our moves

In his or her own way.
All the people on this Earth are truly one

I'll just be an instant
(When the Skullivan walks in the moonlit night)

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