Computer assisted design
See how you get from a thought to an object

The few surviving samurai survey the battlefield
Count the arms, the legs and heads, and then divide by five

We're on some kind of mission
We have an obligation
We have to wear toupees

And with him we'll beat Little Van, Van
Van is a used-up man

Contrecoup hurt me again
And the second was worse by far than the first
'Cause the first one woke my feelings for you

"Not back on it, Joe, still on it."
Avalanche or roadblock
I was a snowball in hell

Mom and I will never, ever make it boring
Our eyes will be on Coraline

Now add some gold and silver for some pizza place class
Come on come on and meet the elements

Brainwashin' our fighting boys
Somebody's been
Deprogramming them so they won't fight anymore

(Me) Me you
(Me) Can (Me) only (me) think of (me) me
Everywhere you look

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