It's your own worst enemy
Ringing the bell on the door
And the person inside says nobody's home

Man, it's so loud in here (so loud in here)
When they start the love machine

You can't walk around because it is Ape Town

You are an animal
The words I'm singing now
Mean nothing more than "meow"

Marmalade's from Scotland
Rugs from Pakistan
Mexico has jumping beans

And that mime stuff was getting a little bit tired

When will you recognize that I am the answer to all your prayers?

But E eats everything
Yeah, E eats everything

The bodiless baboonsman cradled in his arms
Although millions of cephalophores
Are marching past my door

Drenched in blood, they move across the screen

Until I died and went to hell
But my despair had ascended to heaven

Is it Jim?
I-I-I-I-I-I-I don't know
I don't know

(Scott) Don't make me steal
(Scott) There's no way to reach
(Scott) The real Scott Bower

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