He saw with his own eyes
The very same door handle they spoke of

Peace and tranquility
Peace and tranquility
Peace and tranquility

I've dropped the "M.C." from my stage name
So please call me "Crybaby" from now on.
We've traced the phone call

Robot Parade
Robots obey what the children say

And it is a dump
Our friends are all nuts
And half of 'em drunks

You're gone, but I'm still there
Clawing at the air
Now it's curtains for me

So I'm afraid to even ask
But when do you stop to consider
The events in your recent past?

That always keeps me yearning
Her sitter's down there mourning
Her burden of things walking out

They will call me Doctor Worm
Good morning, how are you
I'm Doctor Worm

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