She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me

Now I'm wondering when
You'll make it all up to me?
Don't I have the right

It just said something
Nobody heard it but me

And it illustrates the way we are
Never mind the clothes we wear

Charles thought about the ocean's waves
Down the road just a mile

I'm employee of the month
Number one crumb-making son of a gun
I just need one sandwich and I'm set all day for making crumbs

Four hundred and seventeen miles to go
Three thousand trees
Fourteen hundred buildings

Pisa has a leaning tower
Will it ever fall?
The ocean has the fishes

Now everything is equal
And the power now is ours

Smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee
Pass 'round a picture of a möbius strip
And wish they could go home

There'll be no time for frettin'
No fussin' and complainin' anymore

Waking up from fitful dreams with
A blood curdling scream

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