Medals on their coats and guns in their hands
Trained to kill as they're trained to stand
Ten thousand ears need only one command

The potato chips
That you took from the bag
And gave to the dog

Wouldn't you like to try?
Ba ba-ba ba-ba
Ba ba-ba ba-ba

They fixed up the corner store
Like it was a nightclub
It's permanently disco

You don't have to say it
I can see it in your eyes

'Cause when the two theories collide
All hell breaks loose, and you fashion the noose

I fall to bits
I confess
I admit I'm impressed

Belgium's famous painter
Dig him up and shake his hand
Appreciate the man

Would be to know the date
You're scheduled to vacate

I wonder why
And now I know
That when it rains, it snows

But when you hate the food that comes from a pipe

They're staring at the ceiling and preparing to change

I'll sleep the whole damn day
Slow lane, propane, empties for cash

"No you won't, no you won't"
Said the woman to the man
"I'll be thinking of an unrelated thing

Did you tell that naughty boy not to call?
Did you hug me in your own little world

Move around folks
Push her back there, move along
Show's over, folks

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