That fight infectious germs
They make the antibodies

I weep, alone in my wormhole
Forever more, forever more
Mee mee mee mee

He had a name
He had an unlikely name
Yeah, the Deranged Millionaire

The kind you see in pictures
I think you might have seen her

(can I have this last dance, my darling?)
There was a man with a book beside me
(can I have this last dance with you?)

Half will be money
To keep his family warm when the winter comes
He's going to trade them in for a shirt shaped like a "T"

Computer assisted design
It takes an idea and makes 3D stuff
Computer assisted design

Well, I don't, I don't
Look me over, I'm the Cap'm

Which I named Larry
With a dozen bananas she got the monkeys in the barrel

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