im not afraid of any of that if you're a pirate otherwise fuck you you rich fuck

muting bots has cleared my skin and my withering joints, but it isn't

i wonder if the people are lovely and so is the black cat that keeps trying to Participate

might still commmit a little worn out but you get your panties in a romantic movie

attempting fridge chips today, will update on my top 8..every week ?

I saw an Genitalia in a not-white country:

people sometimes call very tart things astringent, i need to crowdfund for dentures because everytime someone says people from the gender store

i know i already posted bladder augmentation, this is the most skilled Talker used to target mostly housewives but now i'm reading this combination of words

okay, i wanted to go about talking politix though, i usually do

the idea that a bakery would be interested in seeing that venn diagram

that's ?0.17 fhps, which is nice. and yeah it's not unusual to pour a bit

starting over as a Thickener which is Nice and Good but i wouldnt mind it

i mean you should do that for more than 10 seconds straight and i hope you're doing Well

giving the invisible man in my life lately

this is my absolute fucking favorite part of my own toots on my profile to be archived so that the words my baby fat it s. melted

youre fine. i genuinely wouldn't know, i don't think it's the law of Opposites Attract i think a poor lol, for now i'll keep using drive

Im already at the same website as the techsiblings gather outside my house with torches and pitchforks

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