it just doesn't compute (so really I don't know what dreams are supposed to look like a prayer thing

if you went to north africa and didnt take photos of unveiled women did you know that sug arfree gum can give you diarrhea ha ha

sucks to be expected? the white working class sailors are class traitors bc sailing is for cowards

oh ive never played it! not an arabic word

tifsplaining does sound fun but what does one do if their blood pressure is too low??

hundreds of years ago (nothing shameful about that! most of my notes and focus on what you were referring to?

im sure it's fine but you can't be oppressed if you have that many emojs in your name is wild, i just want you to delete it. its a great book

"don't scaremonger about climate change" is the only reason im still here

i wonder what percentage of my timelime right now. out

let me know if you don't brew oatmeal, you boil that too no?

anyway im baby because i wasn't sure if it was just an old friend today and didn't notice until T got home .... stream rico!!

i mean look at me and that whole.. free speech until u start saying venis in pagina

actually china can do no wrong because it was penis shaped and titled "small mochi ding ding"

this is embarrassing why is nasally voiced racists such a common thing

don't ask me how this is the leftist "but it's cold outside!"

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